WRC South Africa - Developing Communities: Water Supply and Sanitation

Year Title Code
Assessment of the Feasibility of Using a Dual Water Reticulation System in South Africa - AA Llemobade, JR Adewumi, JE van Zyl. new 1701/1/09
Development of a Model for Determining Affordable and Sustainable Sanitation Demand in Dense Settlements of South Africa - R Martin, P Pansegrouw.new 1664/1/09
Technical and Social Acceptance Evaluation of Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems for Potable Water Supply to Rural Communities - Chris Swartz Water Utilization Engineers, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Rural Support Services. new TT374/08
Guideline for the Implementation of Sanitation and Hygiene Education Programmes in Informal Settlements - N Naidoo, C Chidley. new TT365/08
2008 The Impact of Large Consumer Unit Size on Water and Sanitation Services in Lower Income Urban Areas in South Africa - KL Walsh.  TT371/08
2008 The Implementation of Hygiene Education Programmes in Informal Settlements - N Naidoo, C Chidley, A McNamara. 1656/08
2008 Towards a Socio-Ecological Systems View of the Sand River Catchment, South Africa: An Exploratory Resilience Analysis - S Pollard, H Biggs, D du Toit. TT364/08
2008 The View From Below: Citizen Voice, and Regulation in Water Services to the Poor - D Hemson, R Shirley, C Munthree. TT359/08
2008 The Status and Use of Drinking Water Conservation and Savings Devices in the Domestic and Commercial Environments in South Africa - D Still, S Erskine, N Walker, D Hazleton. TT358/08
2008 Research int the UD/VIDP (Urine Diversion Ventilated Improved Double Pit) Toilets: Prevalence and Die-off of Ascaris Ova in Urine Diversion Waste - CA Buckley, KM Foxon, DJ Hawksworth, C Archer, S Pillay, C Appleton, M Smith, N Rodda.  TT356/08
2008 Water Services Barometer Study - M Martin. TT353/08
2008 Improving Disinfection Efficience in Small Drinking Water Treatment Plants - MNB Momba, CL Obi, P Thompson. 1531/1/08
2008 On-Site Mobile Training of Operators in Small Rural Water Supplies: An Illustrative Kit - MNB Momba, N Makala, M Dungeni TT348/08
2008 To Calibrate and Verify a Predictive Model for the Incidence of Naturally Occurring Hazardous Trace Constituents in Groundwater - H Tarras-Wahlberg, P Wade, H Coetzee, S Chaplin, P Holstrom, T Lundgren, N van Wyk, G Ntsume, J Venter, K Sami 1431/1/08
2008 Scientific Support for the Design and Operation of Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines (VIPs) and the Efficiency of Pit Latrine Additives - CA Buckley, KM Foxon, CJ Brouchaert, N Rodda, C Nwaneri, E Balboni, A Coudere, D Magagna TT357/08
2008 A Survey of Information Exchange between Water Services Information Providers and Water Authorities/Local Government in South Africa - JP Pansegrouw, P Naidoo 1611/1/08
2008 Impacts of the Provision of Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Home Based Care Services to HIV and IDS Infected People - N Potgieter, with project team R Potgieter, P Jagals KV209/08
2008 Enabling Water Fluoridation on Small Drinking Water Treatment Plants - R Rajagopaul, P Thompson, A Hariram TT347/08
2008 The us of AFLP to Determine the Specific Origin of Enterococci in Drinking Water in Rural Households (CD only) - M du Preez, AC Stewart, N Potgieter, SN Venter 1602/1/08
2008 The Determination of Annual Phosphorus Loading Limits for South African Dams - WR Harding 1687/1/08
2007 The Selection of Small Water Treatment systems for Potable Water Supply to Small Communities - CD Swartz, I Goldie, G Mwiinga, J Geldenhuys, B Delcarme, JD Seconna, L Daries, L Lodewyk 1443/1/07
2007 Towards a Knowledg and Information Dissemination Strategy for Sanitation - NP Mjoli 1635/1/07
2007 Water Services and HIV/AIDS: Integrating Health and Hygiene Education in the Water and Sanitation Sector in the Context of HIV/AIDS - A Potter, A Clacherty TT316/07
2007 Water Services and HIV/AIDS: A Guide for Local Govenment Councillors and Officials Responsible for Water, Sanitation and Municipal Healyh Services - A Potter, A Clacherty TT317/07
2007 Aqualite Water Balance Software - User Guide - RS McKenzie TT315/07
2007 Involving Traditional Health Practitioners in Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Education and Promotion - K Clement, L Marah 1521/1/07
2007 Socio-Economic factors Relating to the Evaluation and Selection of Small Water Treatment Systems for Potable Water Supply to Small Communities - B Delcarme, JD Seconna, L Daries 1443/2/07
2007 The Quality of Potable Water in Rural Health Care facilities - M de Preez  KV188/1/07
2007 Molecular Relatedness of Enteric Pathogens Isolated from Water Sources and HIV/AIDS Patients with Diarrhoea in Rural Communities in the Limpopo and Eastern Cape Provinces - CL Obi, J Ramalivhana, B Onabolu, MNB Momba, JO Igumbor, EL Janse van Rensburg, M Lukoto, E Green, S Ndou, PO Bessong, TB Mulaudzi 1633/1/07
2007 Development of a National Water Consumption Archive - JE von Zyl, L Geusteyn 1605/1/07
2007 Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Package Plants for Rural, Peri-Urban and Community Use - P Gaydon, N McNab, G Mulder, I Pillay, M Sahibdeen, P Thompson 1539/1/06
2007 The Effectiveness of Sanitation Awareness and Education Programmes in Informal Settlements - N Naidoo, B Mdala, K Mphake, C Chidley 1523/1/07
2006 Investigation into the Sustainability of Rural Water Financial Flows - G Sykes, M Kolisa 1609/1/06
2006 Guidelines for the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Urine-Diversion Sanitation Systems: Volume 4 - LM Austin TT275/06
2006 The Development of a Succesful Unaccounted-for Water Management Programme in the Rural Water Supply Context - J Ross-Jordan TT256/06
2006 The Use of Key Performance Indicators in the Benchmarking of Rural Water Supply Schemes: An Aid to he Development of Meaningful Local Government Capacity - D Still, F Balfour TT255/06
2006 The WRC Community Based Health and Hygiene Model and Implementation Kit - B Onabolu, M Ndlovu TT264/06
2006 A Methodical Approach to Health and Sanitation Integration - B Onabolu, M Ndlovu 1380/1/06
2006 An Identification and Review of the Factors in Rural Water Services that Facilitate and Impact on Local Economic Development in the Eastern Cape 1437/1/06
2005 Water Poverty Mapping: Development and Introduction Using a Case Study at the Local Municipal Scale for the Eastern Cape - J Cullis TT250/05
2005 Origin, Fate and Clinical Relevance of Water-borne Pathogens Present in Surface Waters - M Said, WJ le Roux, L Burke, H Said, L Paulsen, SN Venter, N Potgeiter, D Masoabi, CM de Wet 1398/1/05
2005 Pilot Initiative to Facilitate Benchmarking in the Water Services Sector - P Pybus, B Sham, G Schoeman, T Mogale, J Conolly KV165/05
2005 An Evaluation of Different Commercial Microbial or Microbially-Derived Products for the Treatment of Organic Waste in Pit Latrines - L Taljaard, A Venter, D Gorton 1377/1/05
2005 Enteric Pathogens in Water Sources and Stools of Residents in the Venda Region of the Limpopo Province - CL obi, N Potgieter, PO Bessong 1126/1/05
2005 Ecological Sanitation - Literature review - LM Austin, LC Duncker, GN Matsebe, MC Phasa, TE Cloete TT246/05
2005 Application and Testing of the WSSCC Indicator Toolkit for Water and Sanitation Achievements - M Venter-Hildebrand KV162/05
2005 A Critical Evaluation of Sand Abstraction Systems in Southern Africa 829/1/05

Development of a Framework for Franchising in the Water Services Sector in South Africa KV161/05
2004 An Investigation into Levels of Cadmium in the Umtata River and Associated Health Impact - OS Fatcki, OR Awofolu, B Genthe 1399/1/04

Implementing Livelihoods-Based Approach to Water Services and Sanitation. Duncan Village Project - NP Bakumeni KV155/04
2004 Salinity, Sanitation and Sustainability. A Study in Environmental Biotechnology and Integrated Wastewater Beneficiation in South Africa - Volume 4: THE RHODES BioSURE PROCESS® - PD Rose, CJ Corbett, K Whittington-Jones, OO Hart TT195/04
2004 Microbial Communities and Water Quality in the Mhlathuze River - J Lin 1282/1/04
2004 Performance Testing of Operational Basin Solar Stills - I Goldie, A Theunissen, J Bonthuys, V Cloete 1392/1/04
2004 Understanding the Sustainable Management of Small Water Treatment Plants in Rural Communities: A Systems Thinking Study - K Murray, M du Preez, M Lebone, IA Pearson KV151/04
2004 Guidelines for Planning and Design of Small Water treatment Plants for Rural Communities, with Specific Emphasis on Sustainability and Community Involvement and Participation - CD Swartz, T Ralo 1185/1/04
2004 An Introduction to the Concepts of Customer Relations Management for Water Services Institutions - J Naidoo, T Mosdell TT227/04
2004 Community Identified Performance Indicators for Measuring Water Services _ G Schoeman, B Magongoa TT228/04
2004 Guidelines for Economic Regulation of Water Services in South Africa - Palmer Development Group TT229/04
2004 Health-related Water Quality and Surveillance Model for the Peddie District in the Eastern Cape - PB Monyai 727/1/04
2004 Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water with Clay-Based Defluoridators - PP Coetzee, J Haarhoff, C Chibi 1289/1/04
2004 A Summary of Lessons and Experiences from the Ethekwini Pilot Shallow Sewer Study - P Eslick, J Harrison TT225/04
2003 An Assessment of the Trickle Feed System as a Tool for Implementing the Free Basic Water Policy TT210/03
2003 Making Water Work for Villages. Community-Managed Water Service Provision TT216/03
2003 Investigation of Water Supply Issues in Typical Rural Communities: Case Studies from Limpopo Province - MP Matji 1271/1/03
2002 Guidelines for the Implementation of Benchmarking Practices in the Provision of Water Services in South Africa - P Pybus TT168/02
2002 Development of Generic and Sectoral Competencies in the Water Supply and sanitation Training Sector - National Community & Sanitation Training Institute 1020/1/02
2002 Monitoring Leachate and Biogas Emissions from Existing Experimental Field Cells 995/1/02
2002 So You Think You Want to Corporatise? - A Guide for Municipalities Considering Corporatised Water Entities - Palmer Development Group TT185/02
2002 Guidelines for the Monitoring and Management of Groundwater Resources in Rural Water Supply Schemes 861/1/02a
2000 Background and Overview of Management of Community Water and Sanitation Training Programme for Local Government Training Programme - National Community Water and Sanitation Training Institute 880/1/00
2000 Land-Based Effluent Disposal and Use: Development of Guidelines and Expert-Systems-Based Decision Support - KO'H Murphy TT125/00
2000 Resumé of World Bank Water and Sanitation Experience of Value to South Africa - K Wall KV126/00
2000 Sludge Build-up in Septic tanks, Biological Digesters and Pit latrines in South Africa - GA Norris 544/1/00
2000 Rapid Capacity Building for Water and Waste Management at Local Authority and District Council Level - AMM Rossouw, PC Crous 982/1/00
2000 Guideline for the Upgrading of Existing Small Water Treatment Plants - CD Swartz 738/1/00
2000 Financial Planning and Modelling for Regional Water Supply Service Providers - Palmer Development Group TT118/00
2000 Graded Standard for Landfilling in South Africa: Establishing Appropriate Affordable Standards for Disadvantaged Comminities - GE Blight, AB Fourie 670/1/00
1999 Strategies for Empowerment of Women in Water Supply and Sanitation Projects - L Duncker 817/1/99
1999 The Applicability of Shallow Sewer Systems in South Africa - G Pegram, I Palmer TT113/99
1999 A Tool for Assessing Microbial Water Quality in Small Community Supplies: An H2S Strip Test - B Genthe, M Franck 961/1/99
1999 Co-Disposal and Composting of Septic Tank and Pit Latrine Sludges with Municipal Refuse - I Pearson, B La Trobe 599/1/99
1999 Case Study of Management Systems for Rural Water Supply: Matatiele District - J Cain, P Ravenscroft, I Palmer 895/1/99
1999 Pilot Study for Collection and Use of Data on Rural Village Water and Sanitation in South Africa - DG Hazelton, J Harris 710/1/99
1999 The Study of the Relationship between Hydrological Processes and Water Quality Characteristics in the Zululand Coastal Region-B Kelbe, T Germishuyse 346/1/99
1999 Occurrence and Survival of Protozoan Parasites in Source Water Used by Unserved Rural Communities - M de Preez, M Gericke 685/1/99
1999 The South African Fog Water Collection Project - J Olivier, J van Heerden 671/1/99
1999 Groundwater contamination as a result of developing urban settlements 514/1/99
1998 Handbook to guide communities in the choice of sanitation systems TT104/98
1998 Evaluation of on-site sanitation from a socio-economic perspective. Bernhardt Dunstan & Associates KV114/98
1998 An evaluation of the Enviro Loo composting latrine in an informal settlement in Greater Johannesburg. Stewart Scott Cons Eng KV112/98
1998 Sanitation services model manual. Palmer Development Group. KV111/98
1998 The operation and maintenance of settled sewerage (SS) systems in South Africa. Du Pisani JE 708/1/98
1998 Development of a crossflow microfilter for rural water supply. Pillay VL 386/1/98