WRC South Africa - Conservation of Water Ecosystems

Year Title Code
River Ecoclassification: Manual for Ecostatus Determination IVersion 2) Module G: Index of Habitat Integrity Section 2: Model Photo Guide - M Graham, MD Louw. new TT378/09
River Ecoclassification: Manual for Ecostatus Determination IVersion 2) Module G: Index of Habitat Integrity Section 1: Technical Manual - CJ Kleynhans, MD Louw, M Graham. new TT377/09
The Influence of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Temperature on the Distribution, Habitat Use and Recruitment of Threatened Cyprinids in a Western Cape River, South Africa - BR Paxton, JM King. new 1483/1/09
Application of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) Wetland Delineation Method to Wetland Soils of the Western Cape - N Job.new KV218/08
An Intermediate Ecological reserve Determination Study of the East Kleinemonde Estuary - L van Niekerk, GC Bate, AK Whitfield. new 1581/2/08
2008 Apreliminary Exploration of Two Approaches for Documenting 'Mental Models' held by Stakeholders in the Crocodile Catchment, South Africa - H Biggs, D du Toit, M Etienne, N Jones, A Leitch, T Lynam, S Pillard, S Stone-Jovicich. KV216/08
2008 Enriching Freshwater Conservation Planning and Management - MJ Patrick, D Roux, K Nortje, E van Wyk, N Funke, GM Maree. 1678/1/08
2008 Assessing the Appropriateness of Wetland Mitigation Banking as a Mechanism for Securing Aquatic Biodiversity in the Grassland Biome in South Africa - D Cox, D Kotze. KV200/08
2008 The Development of a Strategy for the Water Research Commission Thrust "Environmental Functioning within the Hydrological Cycle" within the Crosscutting Domain "Water and the Environment" - Phases 1 & 2 - MJ Patrick, PJ Ashton, HM Mackay. KV182/08
2008 Assessing the Impact of Research Funded by the Water Research Commission in support of the River Health Programme - DJ Roux, L Hill, W Strydom. TT360/08
2008 Environmental Flow Assessments for rivers: Manual for the Building Block Methodology (Updated Edition) - JM King, RE Tharme, MS de Villiers. TT354/08
2008 Technical Report on the State of Yellowfishes in South Africa 2007 - ND Impson, IR Bills, L Wolhuter. KV212/08
2008 River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus Determination (Version 2) Module F: Riparian Vegetation Response Assessment Index (VEGRAI) - CJ Kleynhans, JA Mackenzie, MD Louw. TT333/08
2008 River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus Determination (Version 2) Module E: Volume 1 Macroinvertebrate Response Assessment Index (MIRAI) - C Thirion. TT332/08
2008 River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus Determination (Version 2) Module D: Volume 2 Reference Frequency of Occurrence of Fish Species in South Africa - CJ Kleynhans, MD Louw, J Moolman. TT331/08
2008 River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus Determination (Version 2) Module D: Volume 1 Fish Response Assessment Index (FRAI) - CJ Kleynhans. TT330/08
2008 River EcoClassification: Manual for EcoStatus Determination (Version 2) Module A: EcoClassification and EcoStatus Determination - CJ Kleynhans, MD Louw. TT329/08
2008 The Estrogenicity of Sewage Effluent Entering the Eerste-Kuils River Catchment System - EJ Pool 1590/1/08
2008 Methods and Software for the Real-Time Implementation of the Ecological Reserve - Explanations and User manual - DA Hughes, SJL Mallory, D Louw 1582/1/08
2008 Flood Disturbance Responses of Invertebrate Assemblages in Two Cobble-Boulder Bed Rivers of the Western Cape - G ratcliffe, J Cullis, A Rooseboom 1411/2/08
2008 The Development of a Hydraulic Model for Determining Bed Disturbance Due to Floods in Cobble and Boulder Bed Rivers - J Cullis, M Gazendam, A Rooseboom, G Ratcliffe 1411/1/08
2008 Principles of a Process to Estimate and/or Extrapolate Environmental Flow Requirements - CJ Kleynhans, AL Birkhead, MD Louw KV210/08
2008 Community-Based Governance of Freshwater Resources in Southern Africa - S Pollard, T Cousins TT328/08
2008 Hydrological Information Requirements and Methods to Support the Determination of Environmental Water Requirements in Ephemeral River Systems - DA Hughes KV205/08
2008 The Impacts of High Winter Flow Releases from an Impoundment on In-Stream Ecological Processes - C Dickens, M Graham, G de Winnaar, K Hodgson, F Tiba, R Sekwlel, S Sikhakhane, F de Moor, H Barber-James, K van Niekerk 1307/1/08
2007 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa Volume 10: Coleoptera - Editors: R Stals, IJ de Moor TT320/07
2007 An Introduction to Aquifer Dependent Ecosystems in South Africa - C Colvin, D le Maitre, I Saayman, S Hughes TT301/07
2007 Community Based Research on the Influence of Rehabilitation Techniques on the Management of Degraded Catchment Areas - TM Everson, CS Everson, KD Zuma 1316/1/07
2007 WET-Roadmap: A Guide to the Wetland Management Series - R Dada, D Kotze, W Ellery, M Uys TT321/07
2007 Guidelines for the Planning, Design and Operation of Fishways in South Africa - A Bok, P Kotze, R Heath, J Roussouw TT287/07
2007 Twin-Ghannel Vetical-Slot Fishway Designs and Tests - J Roussouw, P Kotze, A Bok, RA Heath, M Ross KV197/07
2007 Development and Application of Prokaryotic Biosensor Systems for the Evaluation of Toxicity of Environmental Water Samples - B Pillay, D Pillay 1286/1/07
2007 Freshwater Flow Dependency in South African Marine Ecosystems: A Proposed Assessment Framework and Initial Assessment of South African Marine Ecosystems - RC van Bellegooyen, S Taljaard, L van Niekerk, SJ Lambeth, AK Theron, SP Weerts KV191/07
2007 Investment Strategy for the Water Research commission Cross-Cutting Domain: Water and the Environment MJ Patrick, PJ Ashton, GC Pegram, HM Mackay KV189/07
2007 Guidelines for Integrated Control of Pest Blackflies along the Orange River - RW Palmer, N Rivers-Moore, W Mullins, V McPherson, L Hattingh 1558/1/07
2007 The Nature and Invasion of Riparian Vegetation Zones in the South Western Cape - MK Reinecke, JM King, PM Holmes, R Blanchard, HL Malan 1407/1/07
2007 Watermark: The Lasting Impression of the Ecological Reserve TT307/07
2007 Profiling Estuary management in Integrated Development Planning in South Africa with Particular Reference to the Eastern Cape Province - The University of KwaZulu-Natal 1485/1/07
2007 Low Flow Hydraulics in Rivers for Environmental Applications - AA Jordanova, CS James 1405/1/07
2007 The State of Yellowfishes in South Africa 2007 - L Wolhuter, D Impson TT302/07
2007 Estuaries and Integrated Development Planning: A Managers Guide - D Hay TT294/07
2007 A Methods manual for the Collection, Preparation and Analysis of Diatom Samples Version 1.0 - JC Taylor, WR Harding, CGM Archibald TT281/07
2007 An Illustrated Guide to some Common Diatom Species from South Africa - JC Taylor, WR Harding, CGM Archibald TT282/07
2006 National Wetland Inventory: Development of a Wetland Classification System for South Africa - JL Ewart-Smith, DJ Ollis, JA Day, HL Malan  KV174/06
2006 Conservation Planning for River and Estuarine Biodiversity in the Fish-to-Tsitsikamma Water management Area - JL Nel, L Smith-Adao, DJ Roux, J Adams, JA Cambray, FC de Moor, CJ Kleynhans, I Kotze, G Maree, J Moolman, LY Schonegevel, RJ Smith, C Thirion new TT280/06
2006 A Research Strategy for the Detection and Management of Algal Toxins in Water Sources - WR Harding new TT277/06
2006 Discussion Paper on Cross-Sector Policy Objectives for Conserving South Africa's Inland Water biodiversity - DJ Roux, JL Nel, HM MacKay, PJ Ashton new TT276/06
2006 Assessment of the Geomorphological Reference Condition: An Application for Resource Directed Measures and the River Health Programme - L du Preez, KM Rowntree new 1306/1/06
2006 A Biophysical Framework for the Sustainable Management of Wetlands in the Limpopo Province with Nylsvley as a Reference Model - W Vlok, CL Cook, RG Greenfield, D Hoare, J Victor, JHJ van Vuren new 1258/1/06
2006 Development of a Water Quality Index for Estuarine Water Quality Management in South Africa - V Wepener, DP Cyrus, LA Vermeulen, GC O'Brien, P Wade 1163/1/06
2005 The Development and Validation of  Bioassays to Detect Estrogenic and Anti-Androgenic Activity Using Selected Wildlife Species - JH van Wyk, EJ Pool, E Hurter, AJ Leslie 926 & 1253/1/05
2005 Development of Criteria for the Design of Fishways for South African Rivers and Estuaries - R Heath, A Bok, PSO Fouche, WK Mastenbroek, AT Forbes 1310/1/05
2005 DRIFT user Manual: Biophysical Module for Predicting Overall River Condition in Small to Medium Sized Rivers with Relatively-Predictable Flow Regimes - CA Brown, C Pemberton, A Greyling, JM King 1404/1/05
2005 Environmental Water Requirements in Non-Perrenial Systems - L Roussouw, MF Avenant, MT Seaman, JM King, CH Barker, PJ du Preez, AJ Pelser, JC Ros, JJ van Staden, GJ van Tonder, M Watson 1414/1/05
2005 Assessment of Trophic Status in Aquatic Resources with Particular Reference to the Water Quality Reserve 1311/2/05
2005 Wetland Water Quality and the Ecological Reserve 1311/1/05
2005 Towards an Understanding of Factors Affecting the Biotic Integrity of Rivers in the Limpopo Province: Niche Partitioning, Habitat Preference and Microbiological Status in Rheophilic Biotopes of the Luvuvhu and Mutale Rivers - PSO Fouche, SH Foord, N Potgieter, BCW van der Waal, T van Ree 1197/1/05
2005 WRC Programme on Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) Volume 1 Strategic Research Plan for Endocrine Disrupters in South African Water Systems - AEC Burger KV143/05
2005 Phytoplankton Chlorophyll a Concentration and Community Structure of Two Temporarily Open/Closed Estuaries - PT Gama, JB Adams, DM Schael, T Skinner 1255/1/05
2005 Development of a Biomonitoring Method using Protozoans for Assessment of Water Quality and Groundwaters and Seasonel/Ephemeral Waters - MAP Joska, JA Day, J Boulle, S Archibald 1017/1/05
2005 Refinement of Geomorphological Tools for the Sustainable Management of the River Environment - RA Wadeson, KM Rowntree 1181/1/04
2005 SPATSIM, an Integrating Framework for Ecological Reserve Determination and Implementation: Incorporating water quqlity and quantity components for rivers - DA Hughes TT245/04
2005 Managing Estuaries in South Africa: A Step by Step Guide - The University of KwaZulu-Natal TT243/04
2005 Our Changing Rivers - An introduction to the science and practice of Fluvial Geomorphology _ NM Freeman, K Rowntree TT238/05
2005 Managing Sedimentary Processes in South African Estuaries: A Guide - D Hay, P Huizinga, S Mitchell TT241/05
2004 A Consultative Project to Situate, Contextualise and Plan for a Water Rehabilitation Program in South Africa, to Link this to Relevant Water-Related Initiatives; and to Trial the Australian procedure for River Rehabilitation on a Small Degraded Urban Stream - AC Uys new 1309/1/04
2004 The South African Diatom Collection: An Appraisal and Overview of Needs and Opportunities - WR Harding, CGM Archibald, Jonathan C Taylor, S Mundree TT242/04
2004 The Costs and Benefits of Urban River and Wetland Rehabilitation Projects with Specific Reference to their Implications for Municipal Finance: Case Studies in Cape Town - H van Zyl, A Leman, A Jansen KV159/04
2004 Tracking Movement of Large Fish Species through a River System: Methods Development - BR Paxtron KV157/04
2004 Methods for Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) - L Slabbert 1313/1/04
2004 A River Rehabilitation Planning Pilot Trial: The Ihlanza River, East London, South Africa Based on the Australian River Rehabilitation Guidelines - Volume 2 Part 2 of 2: Maps, Appendixes, Photographs - AC Uys 1309/3/04
2004 A River Rehabilitation Planning Pilot Trial: The Ihlanza River, East London, South Africa Based on the Australian River rehabilitation Guidelines - Volume 2 Part 1 of 2: Text - AC Uys 1309/2/04
2004 Contributions to Information Requirements for the Implementation of Resource Directed Measures for Estuaries. Volume 2 - Responses of the biological communities to flow variation and mouth state in two KwaZule-Natal temporarily open/closed estuaries - R Perissinotto, A Blair, A Connell, NT Demetriades, AT Forbes, TD Harrison, K Iyer, M Joubert, I Kibirige, S Mundree, H Simpson, D Stretch, C Thomas, X Thwala, I Zietsman 1247/2/04
2004 Contributions to Information Requirements for the Implementation of Resource Directed Measures for Estuaries. Volume 1 - Improving the biodiversity importance rating of South African Estuaries - J Turple, B Clark, D Knox, P Martin, C Pemberton, C savy 1247/1/04
2004 Applied Aquatic Ecotoxicology: Sub-Lethal methods, Whole Effluent Testing and Communication - CG Palmer, WJ Muller, HD Davies-Coleman 1245/1/04
2004 Similarities and Differences Between Rivers of the Kruger national Park - WJ Muller, MH Villet 881/1/04
  Environmental Water Quality in Water Resources Management - T Palmer, R Berold, N Muller TT217/04
2004 Freshwater Fish and Human Health Reference Guide - R Heath, H du Preez, B Genthe, A Avenant-Oldewage TT213/04
2004 Benthic Diatoms in the Rivers and Estuaries of South Africa - GC Bate, PA Smailes, JB Adams TT234/04
2004 A Further Investigation into Using a Risk-Based Approach for Setting Integrated Environmental Objectives for the Protection of Water Resources - P-A Scherman, WJ Muller, S Jooste KV154/04
2004 Early Development of Water Quality Methods and Approaches in Ecological Reserve Assessments - CG Palmer, P-A Scherman, WJ Muller, JN Rossouw, HL Malan, S Jooste 1108/1/04
2004 Water temperature and Fish Distribution in the Sabie River System: Towards the Development of an Adaptive Management Tool - NA Rivers-Moore, GPW Jewitt, DC Weeks, JH O'Keeffe 1065/1/04
2004 Towards the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Eastern Cape Estuaries - C Breen, J Adams, A Batchelor, P Cowley, G Marneweek, L McGwynne, M McKenzie, P Ngulube, A Paterson, N Sihlophe, S Taljaard, J Turpie, A Uys, L van Niekerk, A Wood TT237/04
2004 Freshwater Fish and Human Health Overview Guide - R Heath, H du Preez, B Genthe, A Avenant-Oldewage TT212/04
2004 Water demand Management Model - NW Schafer, RS McKenzie (Only available on CD) K5/905/1/04
2004 Monthly Multi-site Stochastic Streamflow Model - PG van Rooyen, RS McKenzie (Only available on CD) K5/909/1/04
2003 Guidlines for Integrating the Protection, Conservation and Management of Wetlands into Catchment Management Planning - C Dickens, D Kotze, S Mashigo, H MacKay, M Grahamnew TT220/04
2004 The Effects of Water Quality Variables on Aquatic Ecosystems: A review - HF Dalls, JA Day TT224/04
2004 Ecological Risk Assessment: Research Priorities - M Claasen 957/1/04
2004 Catchment-Wide Movement Patterns and Habitat Utilisation of Freshwater Fish in Rivers: Implications for Dam Location, Design and Operation - A Review and Methods Development for South Africa - BR Paxton KV145/04
2003 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa Volume 8: Insecta II Hemiptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Trichoptera & Lepidoptera - IJ de Moor, JA day, FC de Moor TT214/03
2003 Geomorphological Research for the Consevation and Management of Southern African Rivers - Volume 1: Gemorphological Impacts of River Regulation - KM Rowntree, AJE du Plessis 849/1/03
2003 Geomorphological Research for the Conservation and Management of Southern African Rivers - Volume 2: Managing Flow Variability: The Geomorphological Response - ESJ Donnar, KM Rowntree 849/2/03
2003 Development of River Rehabilitation in Australia: Lessons for South Africa - AC Uys KV144/03
.. Resources Monitoring Procedures for Estuaries: For Application in the Ecological Resreve Determination and Implementation Process - S Taljaard, L van Niekerk, P Huizinga, W Joubert 1308/1/03
.. River Rehabilitation: Literature Review, Case Studies and Emerging Principles - JM King, ACT Scheepers, RC Fisher, MK Reinecke, LB Smith 1161/1/03
2003 Predicting Water Quality and Biotic Response in Ecological Reserve Determination - H Malan, J Day TT202/02
2003 Prioritisation of South African Estuaries Based on their Potential Importance to Estuarine-Associated Fish Species - RC Maree, AK Whitfield, NW Quinn TT203/03
2003 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa - Volume 9: Diptera - JA Day, AD Harrison, IJ de Moor TT201/02
2003 Use of Indigenous Riverine Invertebrates in Applied Toxicology and Water Resource-Quality Management - PA Scherman, CG Palmer, WJ Muller 955/1/03
2003 Modelling of Terrestrialisation and Technology Transfer to Enable Management of Kruger National Park Rivers - JA Mackenzie, DL Jacoby, KH Rogers 1063/1/03
2002 Factors that Influence Adult Blackfly (Diptera: Simuliidae) Survival along the Lower Orange River, South Africa - E Myburgh 1019/1/03
2002 Operationalizing Multi-Party Strategic Adaptive management (SAM) of the Sabie River - KH Rogers 1097/1/02
2002 Evaluating the Environmental Use of Water-Selected Case Studies in the Eastern and Southern Cape - SG Hosking, M du Preez, EE Campbell, TH Wooldridge, LL du Plessis 1045/1/02
2002 Linking Discharge, Water Quality and Biotic Response in Rivers: A Literature Review - HL Malan, JA Day 956/2/02
2002 Ecological and Economic Evaluation of Wetlands in the Upper Olifants River Catchment, South Africa - RW Palmer, J Turple, GC Marnewick, AL Batchelor 1162/1/02
2002 Development of Numerical Methods for Predicting Relationships between Stream Flow, Water Quality and Biotic Responses in Rivers - HL Malan, JA Day 956/1/02
2002 Some, For All, Forever, Water Ecosystems and People - T Palmer, R Berold, N Muller, P Scherman TT176/02
2002 Incorporating Economic Considerations into Quantification, Allocation and Management of the Environmental Water Reserve - M Mander, D Cos, J Turpie, C Breen 978/1/02
2002 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa - Volume 5: Non-Arthropods - JA Day, IJ de Moor TT167/02
2002 State of Rivers Report. Umngeni River and Neighbouring Rivers and Streams TT200/02
2001 Tolerance of Selected Riverine Indigenous Macroinvertebrates from the Sabie River (Mpumalanga) and Buffalo River (Eastern Cape), to Complex Saline Kraft and Textile Effluents - WTS Zokufa, P-A Scherman, CG Palmer 783/1/01
2001 Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines - M Claassen, WF Strydom, K Murray, S Jooste TT151/01
2001 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa - Volume 3: Crustacea II Ostracoda, Copepoda and Branchiura - JA Day, IJ de Moor, BA Stewart, AE Louw TT148/01
2001 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa - Volume 4: Crustacea III Bathynellacea, Amphipoda, Isopoda, Spelaeogriphacea, Tanaidacea and Decapoda - JA Day, BA Stewart, IJ de Moor, AE Louw TT141/01
2001 Cyanobacteria in South Africa; A Review - WR Harding, BR Paxton TT153/01
2001 State of the Rivers Report - Crocodile, Sabie-Sand & Olifants River Systems TT147/01
2000 An Action Plan for Water Quality Research and Technology Transfer in the Rivers Flowing through the Kruger National Park - HJ Smith, AJ van Zyl and H Bouman 988/1/00
2000 Application of an Artificial Stream System to Investigate the Water Quality Tolerances of Indigenous, South African, Riverine Macroinvertebrates - CG Palmer, P-A Scherman 686/1/00
2000 Problem Blooms of Cladophora glomerata and Oedogonium capillare in South African Irrigation Canals 600/1/00
2000 A Global Overview of Inter-Basin Water Transfer Schemes, with an Appraisal of their Ecological, Socio-Economic and Socio-Political Implications, and Recommendations for their Management - CD Snaddon, BR Davies, MJ Wishart TT120/00
2000 The Kruger National Park Rivers Research Programme TT130/00
2000 Decision Support for the Conservation and Management of Estuaries: Final Report of the Predictive Capability Sub-Project of the Co-ordinated Research programme - JH Slinger 577/2/00
2000 Available Scientific Information on Individual South African Estuarine Systems - AK Whitfield 577/3/00
2000 Scale and Model Interfaces in the Context of Integrated Water Resources Management for the Rivers of the Kruger National park - GPW Jewitt, AHM Gorgens 627/1/00
2000 The Definition and Characterisation of Representative Reaches for River Management - GL Heritage, LJ Broadhurst, AW van Niekerk, KH Rogers, BP Moon 376/2/00
2000 The Effects of Intrabasin Transfer on the Hydrochemistry, Benthic Invertebrates and Ichthyofauna of the Mhlathuze Estuary and Lake Nsezi - DP Cyrus, V Wepener, CF Mackay, PM Cilliers, SP Weerts, A Viljoen 722/1/00
2000 A Goal Maintenance System for the Management of the Kruger National Parks Riverine Alien Vegetation: Developing a Protocol and a Prototype - RX Bestbier, DL Jacoby, KH Rogers 813/2/00
2000 Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa - Crustacea 1 (Notostraca, Anostraca, Conchostraca and Cladocera) - JA Day, BA Stewart, IJ de Moor, AE Louw TT121/00
2000 Geomorphological Change Models for the Sabie River in the Kruger National Park - AL Birkhead, GL Heritage, CS James, KH Rogers, AW van Niekerk 782/1/00
2000 Kruger National Park rivers Research Programme (KNPRRP) Data Catalogue (September 1008) Volume 1 Hydrology and Catchment Studies 655.883/1/00
2000 Kruger National Park rivers Research Programme (KNPRRP) Data Catalogue (September 1008) Volume 2 Geomorphology and Hydraulics: GIS: Water Quality: Instream Flow 655.883/2/00
2000 Kruger National Park rivers Research Programme (KNPRRP) Data Catalogue (September 1008) Volume 3 Biota 655.883/3/00
2000 Kruger National Park rivers Research Programme (KNPRRP) Data Catalogue (September 1008) Volume 4 Conservation Status and Importance: Legal/Decision Support Systems/Social: Others 655.883/4/00
2000 Kruger National Park rivers Research Programme (KNPRRP) Data Catalogue (September 1008) Volume 5 Appendices 655.883/5/00
1999 Rule Based Modelling for Management of Riparian Systems - JA Mackenzie, AL van Coller, KH Rogers 813/1/99
1999 An Overview of the Pesticide and Metal Levels Present in Populations of the Larger Indigenous Fish Species of Selected South African Rivers - RGM Heath, M Claassen 428/1/99
1999 A Hierarchichal Geomorphological Model for the Classification of Selected South African Rivers - KM Rowntree, RA Wadeson 497/1/99
1999 The Development of a Production Facility for Standard Laboratory Test Organisms for Ecotoxicological Research - EH Haigh, HD Davies-Coleman 755/1/99
1999 Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Metals on Physiology of Fish: An Experimental Approach with Monitoring Support - JHJ van Vuren, HH du Preez, V Wepener, A Adendorff, IEJ Barnhoorn, L Coetzee, P Kotzé, G Nussey 608/1/99
1998 Development of the Building Block Methodology for Instream Flow Assessments and Supporting Research on the Effects of Different Magnitude Flows on Riverine Ecosystems - RE Tharme, JM King 576/1/98
1998 Meeting the water quantity and quality needs of the natural environment of rivers: The contribution of the KNPRRP TT106/98
1998 Determining personal and domestic health and hygiene knowledge, attitudes and behaviour - a pilot study KV106/98