WRC South Africa - Catchment Hydrology

Year Title Code
Design and Development of a Hydrological Decision Support Framework - DJ Clark, JC Smithers, DA Hughes, KB Meier, MJ Summerton, AJE Butler new 1490/1/09
Water Resources Management in Rainwater harvesting: An Integrated Systems Approach - J Mwenge, BBP Sejamoholo, AF Taigbenu, JR Boroto, ESB Lillie, M Taute, T Cousins. new 1563/1/08
2008 Definition and Upscaling of Key Hydrological Processes for Applications in Models - S Lorentz, K Bursey, O Idowu, C Pretorius, K Ngeleka 1320/1/08
2007 Jatropha  curcas in South Africa: An Assessment of its Water Use and Bio-Physical Potential - MA Holl, MB Gush, J Halloes, DB Versfeld 1497/1/07
2007 Guideline to Develop a Sustainable Urban River Management Plan - D Henning, K Mphake, B Mdala, M Sunil, R van Aardt, E Jackson KV202/07
2007 Development and Assessment of a Continuous Simulation Modelling System for Design Flood Estimation - JC Smithers, KT Chetty, MS Frezghi, DM Knoesen, MH Tewolde 1318/1/07
2007 The Relationship Between Soil Water regime and Soil Profile Morphology: A Proposal for Continued Research - CW van Huyssteen, PAL  le Roux, M Hensley, S Lorentz KV179/07
2004 Guidelines for the Planning, Design and Operation of Fishways in South Africa 1270/2/04
2004 Improving the Basis for Predicting Total Evaporation from Natural Veld Types in South Africa. A Focus on Moist Upland Grassland, Valley Thicket and Coastal Bushveld/Grassland - C Jarmain, M Govender, CS Everson 1219/1/04
2003 Design Rainfall and Flood Estimation in South Africa - JC Smithers, RE Schulze 1060/1/03
2003 Modelling the Impacts of Land Cover and Land Management Practices on Stream Flow Reduction - TG Lumsden, GPW Jewitt, RE Schulze 1015/1/03
2000 A Re-analysis of the South African Catchment Afforestation Experimental Data - DF Scott, FW Prinsloo, G Moses, M Mehlomakulu and ADA Simmers 810/1/00
1998 Impacts of sugarcane production and changing land use on catchment hydrology 419/1/98