WRC South Africa - Agricultural Water Management

Year Title Code
Indigenous Water Harvesting and Conservation Practices: Historical Context, Cases and Implications - J Denison, L Wotshela. new TT392/09
Integrating Floodplain Livelihoods into a Diverse Rural Economy by Enhancing Co-operative Management: A Case Study of the Pongolo Floodplain System, South Africa - J Jaganyi, M Salagae, N Matiwane. new 1299/1/08
Integrating and Upgrading of SAPWAT and PLANWAT to Create a Powerful and User-Friendly Irrigation Water Planning Tool Program version 1.0 - PS van Heerden, CT Crosby, B Grové, N Benadé, E Theron, RE Schulze, MH Tewolde. new TT391/08
Training Manual for Small-Scale Rainbow Trout Farmers in Net Cages on Irrigation Dams: Water Quality, Production and Fish Health new TT369/08
2008 Assessment of the Interaction Between Cage Aquaculture and Water Quality in Irrigation Storage Dams and Canal Systems - K Salic, D Resoort, D du Plessis, M Maleri 1461/1/08
2008 Water-Use in Relation to Biomass of Indigenous Tree Species in Woodland, Forest and/or Plantation Conditions - PJ Dye, MB Gush, CS Everson, C Jarmain, A Clulow, M Mengistu, CJ Geldenhuys, R Wise, RJ Scholes, S Archibald, MJ Savage TT361/08
2008 Real Time Irrigation Advice for Small-Scale Sugarcane Production Using a Crop Model - A Singles, M Smith 1576/1/08
2008 Developing a Land Register and a Set of Rules for Application of Infield Rainwater Harvesting in Three Villages in Thaba Nehu: A Pilot Project - S Manona, M Baiphethi. TT367/08
2008 Nutritional Status of South Africans: Links to Agriculture and Water - F Wenhold, M Faber. TT362/P/08
2008 Scoping Study to Determine the Potential Impact of Agricultural Chemical Substances (Pesticides) with Endocrine Disruptor Properties on the Water resources of South Africa - AEC Burger, A Nel. 1774/1/08
2008 Towards the Establishment of Water market Institutions for Effective and Efficient Water Allocation in South Africa - WL Nieuwoudt, JA Döckel, D Mosaka, AJ Pott. 1569/1/08
2008 Technology Transfer and Integrated Implementation of Water Management Models in Commercial Farming - A Pott, N Benadé, PS van Heerden, B Grové, JG Annandale, M Steyn TT267/08
2008 Market Risk, Water Management and the Multiplier Effects of Irrigation Agriculture with Reference to the Northern Cape Volume 1: Micro and Regional Models Report - DB Louw, HD van Schalkwyk, B Grové, PR Taljaard 1250/1/08
2008 Market Risk, Water Management and the Multiplier Effects of Irrigation Agriculture with Reference to the Northern Cape Volume 2: Macro Modelling Report - PR Taljaard, HD van Schalkwyk, DB Louw 1250/2/08
2008 Best Management Practices for Small-Scale Subsistence Farming on Selected Irrigation Schemes Through Participatory Adaptive Research in Limpopo Province - W van Averbeke TT344/08
2007 On-Farm Application of In-Field Rainwater Harvesting Techniques on Small Plots in the Central Region of South Africa Volume 2 of 2: Extension Manual - JJ Botha, NN Nhlabatsi, JJ Anderson TT314/07
2007 On-Farm Application of In-Field Rainwater Harvesting Techniques on Small Plots in the Central Region of South Africa Volume 1 of 2: JJ Botha, JJ Anderson, DC Groenwald, N Mdibe, MN Baiphethi, NN Nhlabatsi, TB Zere new TT313/07
2007 The Use of Sentinel Species to Determine the Endocrine Disruptive Activity in an Urban Nature Reserve - MS Bornman, LH van Vuren, H Bouwman, C de Jager, B genthe, EJ Barnhoorn 1505/1/07
2007 The Social/Cultural Acceptability of Using Human Excreta (Faeces and Urine) for Food Production in Rural Settlements in South Africa - LC Fduncker, GN Matsebe, N Moilwa TT310/07
2007 A Procedure for an Improved Soil Survey Technique for Delineating Land Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting - M Hensley, PAL le Roux, J Gutter, MG Zerizghy TT311/07
2007 Effective Management of the Riparian Zone Vegetation to Significantly Reduce the Cost of Catchement Management and Enable Greater Productivity of Land Resources - C Everson, M Gush, M Moodley, C Jarmain, M Govender, P Dye 1284/1/07
2007 Beneficiation of Wastewaters from the South African Citrus Industry - A Feasibility Study - SG Burton, GR Garcin, JH Aucamp KV187/07
2007 Water Use Efficiency of Multi-Crop Agroforestry Systems, with Particular Reference to Small Scale Farmers in Semi-Arid Areas - NFG Rethman, JG Annandale, CS Keen, CC Botha 1047/1/07
2007 Principles, Approaches and Guidelines for the Participatory Revitalisation of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes: Volume 1 - A Rough Guide for Irrigation Development Practitioners - J Denison, S Manona TT308/7
2007 Principles, Approaches and Guidelines for the Participatory Revitalisation of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes: Volume 2 - Concepts and Cases - J Denison, S Manona TT309/07
2007 Characterisation of Wastewater from Low-Income/High-Density Residential Areas - EV Musvoto, MC Ramphao 1449/1/07
2006 A Scoping Study to Evaluate the Fitness-For-Use of Greywater in Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture - KO'H Murphy 1479/1/06
2006 Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Various Micro-Irrigation Filters with regards to Filtering and Backwashing Efficiency - AS van Niekerk, FH Koeglenberg, FB reinders, GW Ascouth 1356/1/06
2006 Guidelines for the Utilisation and Disposal of Wastewater Sludge - Volume 1 of 5: Selection of Management Options - HG Snyman, JE Herselman TT261/06
2006 Generalised Whole-Farm Stochastic Dynamic Programming Model to Optimise Agricultural Water Use - B Grové 1266/1/06
2005 Technology Transfer to Improve the Implementation of the FARMS System for Decision Support ib the Field of Risk Management, Irrigation Cost Estimation and Whole Farm Planning - PW Botha, LK Oosthuizen, JA Meiring new TT274/05
2005 Situation Analysis of Problems for Water Quality Management in the Lower Orange River Region with Special Reference to the Contribution of the Foothills to Salinization - T Volschenk, MV Fey, HL Zietsman 1358/1/05
2005 The Weatherley Catchment: Soil Organic Matter and Vegetation Baseline Study - PAL le Roux, M Hensley, CC du Preez, E Kotze, CW van Huyssteen, NB Collins, TB Zere KV170/06
2005 Streamflow Reduction Modelling in Water Resource Analysis - TN Dzvukamanja, AHM Görgens, V Jonker 1221/1/05
2005 First Order Estimate of the Contribution of Agriculture to Non-Point Source Pollution in Three South African Catchments: Salinity, Nitrogen and Phosphorus - J Cullis, A Görgens 1467/2/05
2005 Knowledge Review of Modelling Non-Point Source Pollution in Agriculture from Field to Catchment Scale 1467/1/05
2005 Cost Estimating Procedure for Micro-Drip and Furrow-Irrigation Systems as well as Economic Analyses for Large-and-Small-Scale Farmers in the Onderberg/Inkomazi Region - LK Oosthuizen, PW Botha, B Grové, JA Meiring, MM Monkhei, IG Pretorius 974/1/05
2005 Guidelines for Irrigation Water Measurement in Practice - I van der Stoep, N Benadé, HS Smal, FB Reinders TT248/05
2005 Technology Transfer of the Soil Water Balance (SWB) Model as a User-Friendly Irrigation Scheduling Tool - JG Annandale, JM Steyn, N Benadé, NZ Jovanovic, P Soundy TT251/05
2004 Water Markets in Irrigation Areas of the Lower Orange and Crocodile Rivers of South Africa - CG Gillitt KV160/04
2004 Dryland Salinity Impacts on Western Cape Rivers - MV Fey, WP de Clerq 1341/1/04
2004 Research Impact Assessment: Lessons to be learned from the cost-benefit analyses of selected WRC Research Projects - Conningarth Economists TT226/04
2004 Smallholder Irrigation and Agricultural Development in the Olifants River Basin of Limpopo Province: management, Transfer, Productivity, Profitability and Food Security Issues - CL Machethe, NM Mellel, K Ayisi, MB Mashatola, FDK Anim, F Vanasche 1050/1/04
2004 Development of a General Strategy for Optimizing the Efficient use of Primary Water Resources for Effective Alleviation of Rural Poverty - MC Laker  KV149/04
2004 Laboratory and Field Scale Evaluation of Agricultural Use of Sewage Sludge - HG Synman, J van der Waals 1210/1/04
2004 Building Capacity in Irrigation Management with Wetting Front Detectors - R Stirzaker, J Stevens, J Annandale, T Maeko, M Steyn, S Mpandeli, W Maurobane, J Nkgapele, N Jovanovic TT230/04
2004 Contribution of Aquaculture to Rural Livlihoods in South Africa: A Baseline Study - QA Rouhani, PJ Britz TT235/04
2003 The Selection and Calibration of a Model for Irrigation Scheduling of Deciduous Fruit Orchards - T Volschenk, JF de Villiers, O Beukes 892/1/03
2003 Deficit Irrigation Studies to Improve Irrigation Scheduling in Deciduous Fruit Orchards - O Beukes, T Volschenk, JHM Karsten, JF de Villiers 892/2/03
2003 Puturun A Simulator for Rainfall-Runoff-Yield Processes with In-Field Water harvesting - S Walker, M Tsubo KV142/03
2003 Evaluation of Predictive Models for Pesticide Behaviour in South-African Soils - HR Meinhardt 999/1/03
2003 The Potential of Aquatic Pythium Species for the Biological Control of Cladophora Glomerata in Irrigation Schemes in South Africa 918/1/03
2003 An Estimation of the Value of Water in the Commercial Forestry Sector in Selected Areas in South Africa - DD Tewari 1133/1/03
2003 The Effect of the Introduction of Agroforestry Species on the Soil Moisture Regime of Traditional Cropping Systems in Rural Areas - CS Everson, TM Everson, W van Kiekert, G von Maltitz 780/1/02
2002 Water use and water Use Efficiency of Fodder Crops Under Irrigation: Part 1 - Annual Subtropical Crops - D Marais, NFG Rethman, JG Annandale 573/1/02
2002 Two Dimensional Energy Interception and Water Balance Model for Hedgrow Tree Crops - JG Annandale, NZ Jovanovic, NS Mpandeli, P Lobit, N du Sautoy 945/1/02
2002 The Development of an Integrated Information System for Irrigation water Management Using the WAS, SWB and RISKMAN Computer Models - N Benadé, JG Annandale, NZ Jovanoviic, JA Meiring, CI Crous 946/1/02
2002 The Development of a Methodology to Determine the True Value of Water and the Impact of a Potential Water Market on the Efficient Utilisation of Water in the Berg River basin - DB Louw 943/1/02
2002 The Value of Water in the Fish-Sundays Scheme of the Eastern cape - B Conradie 987/1/02
2002 Developing Sustainable Small-Scale Farmer Irrigation in Poor Rural Communities: Guidelines and Checklists for Trainers and Development Facilitators 774/1/00
2002 Quantification of the Water Balance of Selected Rehabilitated Mine Soils Under Rainfed Pastures in Mpumalanga - JL Schoeman, SM Matlawa, MD Howard 798/1/02
2000 Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Small-Scale Farmer Irrigation Schemes in South Africa - TJ Bembridge 891/1/00
2000 Effects of Water Quality on Irrigation Farming along the Lower Vaal River: The Influence on Soils and Crops - CC du Preez, MG Strydom, PAL Le Roux, JP Pretorius, LD van Rensberg and ATP Bennie 740/1/00
2000 Socio-Economic Impacts of the Komati River Basin Development Project with Special Reference to Irrigation Agriculture - Conningarth Consultants 888/1/00
2000 Improving Agricultural Water Management TT127/00
2000 Optimizing Rainfall Use Efficiency for Developing Farmers with Limited Access to Irrigation Water - M Hensley, JJ Botha, JJ Anderson, PP van Staden, A du Toit 878/1/00
1999 SAPWAT A Computer Program for Establishing Irrigation Requirements and Scheduling Strategies in South Africa - Executive Summary - CT Crosby, CP Crosby 624/1/99
1999 Facilitating Irrigation Scheduling by Means of the Soil Water Balance Model - JGH Annandale, N Benadé, NZ Jovanovic, JM Steyn, N Du Sautoy 753/1/99
1999 Molecular and Physiological Approach to Drought and Heat Tolerance for Selected Crops - JA de Ronde, A van der Mescht, RN Laurie, MH Spreeth, WA Cress 479/1/99
1999 Evaluations of the Performance of Two Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Emitters Installed on Permanent and Dragline Systems - GB Simpson, FB Reinders KV119/99
1999 The Use of Saline Water for Irrigation of Grapevines and the Development of Crop Salt Tolerance Indeces - JH Moolman, WP de Clercq, WPJ Wessels, A Meiri, CG Moolman 303/1/99