WRC South Africa - General Publications

Year Title Code
2008 Assessments and Improvement of filter Media Cleanliness in Rapid Gravity Sand Filters - J Haarhoff, SJ van Staden, J Geldenhuys, M Sibiya, P Naicker, N Adam. new 1525/1/08
2006 Strategic Review of Current and Emerging Governance Systems Related to Water in the Environment in South Africa - G Pegram, G mazibuko, B Hollingworth, E Anderson 1514/1/06
2005 Gender Mainstreaming within the Water Sector: Situational Analysis - LS Steele, KA Jeenes, T Jacobs, B Dyobiso KV167/05
2004 A Hydropolitical History of South Africa's International River Basins - AR Turton, R Meissner, PM Mampane, O Seremo 1220/1/04