WRC South Africa - Water Quality Management

Year Title Code
2008 Improvements to the ACRUSalinity Model and Upgrading of the Berg River Quality Information System - W Kamish, JN Rossouw, AHM Görgens. new 1301/1/08
2008 Technical Instruments to Support Water Quality Use Allocation - JN Rossouw, W Kamish, AHM Görgens. new TT363/08
2008 A Guide to Catchment-Scale Eutrophication Assessments for Rivers, Reservoirs and Lacustrine Wetlands - JN Rossouw, WR Harding, OS Fatoki TT352/08
2008 Health Risk Assessment Protocol for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals - B Genthe, M Steyn KV206/08
2008 WRC Research Programme on Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) Volume 2: Implementation of a Research programme for Investigating Endocrine Disrupting Contaminants in South african Water systems - AEC Burger 1402/1/08
2007 The Role of Nutrient Utilisation and Photosynthetic Capacity in Micro-Algal Bloom Formation and the Production of Cyanotoxins - S du Plessis, MM Kruskopf, A Venter, KR Conradie 1401/2/07
2007 Monitoring Environmental Water for the Presence of Toxic Agents: A Pilot Study in the Vaal Barrage Catchment - JM Whitcutt, L Brown, J Taljaard, P Humphries, S du Toit, P van Eeden 1397/1/07
2006 WQ2000 Salinity Model: Enhancement Technology Transfer and Implementation of User Support for the Vaal System - CE Herold, PJ le Roux, WR Nyabeze, A Gerber 1495/1/06
2005 Survey of Certain Persistent Organic Pollutants in Major South African Waters - R Vosloo, H Bouwman 1212/1/05
2004 Environmentally Responsible Mining. Water management guidelines for small-scale mining - A Clacherty, P Moodie TT170/04
2004 A Pilot Study to Demonstrate Implementation of the National Microbial Monitoring Programme - K Murray, M de Preez, AL Kühn, H van Niekerk 1118/1/04
2004 A study of Viable-but-not-Culturable Pathogens in Water - B Pillay, D Pillay 821/1/04
2003 Management of Water-related Microbial Diseases Volume 1 - What is the problem? - Disease Characteristics TT175/03
2003 Elementary Handbook of Water Disinfection - FHH Carlsson TT205/03
2003 Development of a Rapid Test Kit for Cryptosporidium and Giardia - IW Bailey, C Jarmey-Swan 825/1/03
2003 Cytotoxicity and Invasiveness of HPC Bacteria - MM Ehlers, DN Pavlov, WOK Grabow, CME de Wet 1069/1/03
2003 Development of a Nonpoint Source Assessment Guide: Test Case Studies - G Quibell, GC Pegram, J Moolman, MP Matji, B Hohls, AHM Görgens 696/2/03
2003 Field Testing of Real-Time Continuous Flow and Water Quality Monitoring Instrumentation - G Matthews, M Fraser, TJ Coleman, D Salmon 1004/1/03
2003 The Occurrence of Emerging Viral, Bacterial and Parasitic Pathogens in Source and Treated Water in South Africa - SN Venter 1031/1/03
2003 The Evaluation of Alternative Disinfection Processes for the Removal of Protozoan Oocysts and Cysts and Other Micro-Organisms in the Treatment of Final Wastewater - SD Freese, I Bailey, D Nozaic 1030/1/03
2003 Insecticide Contamination of the Water Environment in Malaria Endemic Areas of Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa) - BL Sereda, HR Meinhardt 1119/1/03
2003 Application of an H2S Strip as a Field Test Kit for Microbial water Quality Assessment - B Genthe, P Jagals 1105/1/03
2002 The Health impact of Waterborne Viruses and Methods of Control in High risk Communities - WOK Grabow, MB Taylor, JC Vivier, N Potgieter, MG Gaobepe 743/1/02
2002 Quality of Domestic Water Supplies Volume 4: Treatment Guide TT181/02
2002 Quality of Domestic Water Supplies Volume 5: Management Guide TT162/01
2002 Measurement of COD (Organics) in Drinking Water and Tertiary Effluents - RE Loewenthal 833/1/02
2002 Water Quality management for Small Communities: Decision-Support Software and Guidelines Manual - KO'H Murphy 962/1/02
2002 Tier 1 Risk Assessment of Selected Radionuclides in Sediments of the Mooi River Catchment - PW Wade, S Wodborne, WM Morris, P Vos, NW Jarvis 1095/1/02
2001 Leak Detection from Municipal Mains Water Systems in the Gauteng( PWV) Area using Environmental Isotopes - B Th. Verhagen, MJ Butler 628/1/01
2000 The Quality of Surface and Groundwater in the Rural Western Cape with regard to Pesticides - L London, MA Dalvie, E Cairncross and A Solomons 795/1/00
2000 The Management of Urban Impoundments in South Africa - Volume 2: Guideline Manual - MJ Freeman, MR Howard, HNS Wiechers TT119/00
2000 Perspectives on Eutrophication of Surface Waters: Policy/Research Needs in South Africa - RD Walmsley KV129/00
1999 Hydrosalinity Studies in the Coerney Valley - Volume 1: Final Report - J Herald 195/1/99
1999 Hydrosalinity Studies in the Coerney Valley - Volume 2: Data Collection and Methods of Analysis - J Herald 195/2/99
1999 The Relationship Between Atmospheric Deposition and Water Quality in a Small Upland Catchment - CT Crosby, CP Crosby 421/1/99
1999 Quality of Domestic Water Supplies Volume 2: Sampling Guide (First Edition 2000) TT117/99
1999 A Framework for Implementing Non-Point Source Management Under the National Water Act - A Discussion Paper - G Pegram, A Görgens, G Quibell TT115/99
1999 An Overview of Water Quality Management of South Africa's Major Port-Catchment Systems - RD Walmsley, JJ Walmsley, R Breytenbach 794/1/99
1999 Application of Health Risk Assessment Techniques to Microbial Monitoring Data - B Genthe, N Rodda 470/1/99
1999 Marine Pollution Pathogenic Micro-Organisms in Shellfish - WOK Grabow, A van der Veen, JC de Villiers 411/1/99
1998 Policy Considerations for Nonpoint Source Management in South Africa - GC Pegram, AHM Görgens, GE Quibell 696/1/98
1998 The Potential for the use of Economic Instruments to Protect the Quality of Water Resources in South Africa - Economic Project Evaluation (Pty) Ltd 574/1/98
1998 Collection and Evaluation of Runoff Water Quality from a Disused Feedlot in KwaZulu-Natal - DE Simpson 498/1/98
1998 Quality of domestic water supplies - Volume 1: Assessment guide TT101/98