WRC South Africa - Water Policy

Year Title Code
The Role of Local Government in Integrated Resources Management Linked to Water Services Delivery - EH Haigh, H Fox, H Davies-Coleman, D Hughes, D Atkinson, M McCann. new 1688/1/08
2008 Local Institutions for Water Governance: A Story of the Development of a Water User Association and Catchment Forum in the Kat River Valley, Eastern Cape - J Burt, A McMaster, K rowntree, R Berold
2008 Implications of South Africa's Trade Policies for Water Policy and Water Resources Management - A Turton, A Earle, D Malzbender, J Wilson, O Wilcox 1564/1/08
2008 Water Law of South Africa 1912-1998 - M Uys KV203/08
2007 Assessment of Training Programmes and Capacity Needs for the Water Sector - Afrosearch & Hlathi Development Services TT306/07
2007 Fire Management in the Cape Peninsula: Lessons for Catchment Management Agencies from the Ukuvuka Campaign - S Fowkes TT324/07
2007 An Evaluation of the Suitability of Negotiated Environmental Agreements for Achieving Environmental Compliance in Water-Related Sectors in South Africa - K Bowler 1511/1/07
2007 Human Rights Project Workbook 1. Water as a Human Right, Made Easy! An introduction to a rights-based approach to water in the Sand River Catchment TT269/07
2007 Human Rights Project Workbook2. Water as a Human Right, Made Easy! A framework for Understanding a rights-based approach to water  TT296/07
2007 The Development of a Framework for Understanding Human Rights-Based Approaches and Integrating them into Water Resources Management in South Africa - R Pejan, A Norberg, D du Toit, S Pollard  1512/1/07
2006 Participation in Water Resource managemnet: Book Two - A Task-Oriented Approach to Participation - J Burt,  D du Toit, D neves, S Pollard TT289/06
2006 Participation in Water resource management: Book One - Learning About Participation in IWRM: A South African Review - J Burt, D du Toit, D neves, S Pollard TT293/06
2006 Guide for Local Government Cooperation with Catchment Management Agencies - G Mazibuko, G Pegram TT270/06
2006 Guide for Catchment Management Agency Cooperation with Local Government - G Mazibuko, G Pegram TT271/06
2004 An Assessment of the Water Policy Process in South Africa (1994 to 2003) - C de Coning, T Sherwell TT232/04
2003 The Value of Water as an Economic Resource in the Vaal River Catchment - Greengrowth Strategies 990/1/03
2003 Evaluation of the Role of Water User Associations in Water management in South Africa - G Pegram, G Mazibuko TT204/03
2002 Development of a Framework for the Economic Evaluation of Water Conservation/Water Demand Management Measures with Specific Application to Decision-Making in Cape Town - H van Zyl, A Leimann 1275/1/02
2000 Guidelines for Including Public Participation in the Permitting Process - D Scott KV125/00
1999 A Philosophy and Methodology for the Implementation of the Polluter Pays Principle - I Taviv, C Herold, S Forster, J Roth, K Clement 793/1/99
1999 Supply Pricing of Urban Water in South Africa Volume 1 - R Eberhard 678/1/99
1999 Supply Pricing of Urban Water in South Africa Volume 2 - R Eberhard 678/2/99
1999 An Economic Analysis of Surface Irrigation Water Rights Transfers in Selected Areas of South Africa 870/1/99
1998 Management Guidelines for Water Service Institutions. Palmer Development Group. TT98/98