WRC South Africa - Surface Hydrology

Year Title Code
2002 Estimation of Streamflow Reductions Resulting from Commercial Afforestation in South Africa - MB Gush, DF Scott, GPW Jewitt, RE Schulze, TG Lumsden, LA Hallowes, AHM Görgens TT173/02
2000 Long Duration Design Rainfall Estimates for South Africa - JC Smithers, RE Schulze 811/1/00
2000 Feasibility of Using a Risk-Based Approach to Set Integrated Environmental Objectives for the Protection of Water Resources - S Jooste, HM MacKay, P-A Scherman, WJ Muller 914/1/00
2000 Simple Methods of Hydrological Data Provision - VY Smakhtin 867/1/00
2000 An Integrated Software Package for the Analysis and Display of Hydrological or Water Resources Time Series Data - DA HUghes, D Forsyth, DA Watkins 867/2/00
2000 An Investigation of the Stem Steady State Heat Energy Balance Technique in Determining Water Use by Trees - MJ Savage, AND Graham, KE Lightbody 348/1/00
2000 Development and Evaluation of Techniques for Estimating Short Duration Design Rainfall in South Africa - JC Smithers, RE Schulze 681/1/00
1999 Dealing with Reservoir Sedimentation - Dredging - GR Basson, A Rooseboom TT110/99
1999 Evaporation from the Orange River: Quantifying Open Water Resources - CS Everson 683/1/99
1999 Evaporation Losses from South African Rivers - RS McKenzie, AR Craig 638/1/99
1998 Monitoring and modelling components of the water balance in a grassland catchment in the summer rainfall area of South Africa 493/1/98
1998 Sluicing flumes: a new structure for discharge measurement in sediment-laden rivers. Rossouw J Loubser C Rooseboom A Bester TT103/98