WRC South Africa - Potable Water Supply

Year Title Code
National Standards for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - W John, D Trollip. new 1600/1/09
Assessment of the Occurrence and Key Causes of Drinking Water Quality Failures within Non-Metropolitan Water Supply Systems in South Africa, and Guidelines for the Practical Management Thereof - G Mackintosh, U Jack.new TT373/08
2008 The Generation of Design Parameters for the Use of the Limestone Teeter Bed Reactor for Potable Water Stabilisation and the Treatment of Cape Coloured Waters.
2008 Fluoride in Drinking Water and its Effects on Human Health and Nutrition in Selected Towns of the Northern Cape Province, South Africa - MH Moola.
2008 Guidelines for the Improved Disinfection of Small Water Treatment Plants - MNB Momba, P Thompson, CL Obi TT355/08
2008 Management of Water-related Microbial Diseases. Volume 4: How Dangerous is the Problem - Communicating the Risk - Project Team: B Genthe, M Knoetze TT298/07
2008 Management of Water-related Microbial Diseases. Volume 2: What causes the Problem? - What to do for Water Suppliers Following Diarrhoea Incidents? - Project Team: M Steynberg, B Genthe, A van Middelkoop  TT297/07
2008 On-Line Real-Time Enzymatic Biosensor System for the Rapid Detection of Faecal Contamination of Water Intended for Drinking Purposes - B Pletschke, C Togo, V Wutor, J Limson 1603/1/08
2008 PCR Based Markers for Detection and Identification of Toxic Cyanobacteria - A-M Botha-Oberholster, PJ Oberholster 1502/1/08
2008 An Investigation of the Estrogenic Activity in Water from Selecyted Drinking Water processes - JL Slabbert, EA Venter, M Molestane, JH van Wyk, C Blaise, N Aneck-Hahn 1532/1/08
2008 Condensed Laboratory methods for Monitoring Phytoplankton, Including Cyanobacteria, in South African Freshwaters - A Swanepoel, H du Preez, C Schoeman, SJ van Vuuren, A Sundram TT323/08
2007 Guidebook for the Selection of Small Water Treatment Systems for Potable Water Supply to Small Communities - C Swartz Water Utilisation Engineers, University of Stellenbosch, Cape University of Technology, Rand Water TT319/07
2007 Polyelectrolyte Determination in Drinking water - S Majam, P Thompson  1528/1/07
2007 A Scoping Report Towards the Development of Guidelines for the Disposal of Water Treatment Residue to Land - JC Hughes, HG Synman, JE Herselman, ET Ndoro 1601/1/07
2007 Development and Evaluation of a Gravity Chemical Dosing System and Testing its Application in a Roughing and Slow Sand Filtration System - G Mwiinga 1396/1/07
2007 An Assessment of Non-Revenue Water in South Africa - CJ Seago, RS McKenzie TT300/07
2006 Inflammatory Potential Measurement as a Supplement to Health-Related Microbial Water-Quality Assessment - P Jagals, HN Traore, TG Barnard  1444/1/06
2006 Generic Incident Management Framework for Toxic Blue-Green Algal Blooms, for application by Potable Water Suppliers - H du Preez, L van Baalen TT263/06
2006 Life Cycle Costing Analyses for Pipeline Design and Supporting Software - SJ van Vuuren, M van Dijk TT278/06
2006 On-Line Real-Time Enzyme Diagnostic System for the Detection and Monitoring of Faecal Contamination of Water Intended for Drinking Purposes - B Pietschke, C Togo, V Wutor 1446/1/06
2006 Nanoporous Polymers for the Removal of Organic Contaminants in Water - BB Mamba, RW Krause, TJ Malefetse, SD Mhlanga, EN Nxumalo, MF Bambo 1393/1/06
2006 The Application of Advanced Control Techniques in Water Treatment and Supply Systems - M Mulholland, CJ Brouckaert, A Pastre, C Biscos, CA Buckley 1387/1/06
2006 Prevalence, Survival and Growth of Bacterial Pathogens in Biofilms in Drinking Water Distribution Systems - SM September, L Burke, FA Els, SN Venter, VS Brözel, M Franck, R Swart, B Genthe, P Jagals, J Ntsherwa, NP Nala, C Jagals 1276/1/06
2006 An Illustrated Guide to Basic Water Purification Operations. User Manual Release 1.0 - BTW Consulting (Pty) Ltd TT247/06
2006 Handbook for the Operation of Water Treatment Works - F Schutte TT265/06
2005 Guidelines for Ensuring Sustainable Effective Disinfection in Small Water Supply Systems - MNB Momba, BM Brouckaert TT249/05
2005 The Development and Evaluation of a Reverse Flow Microfilter - VL Pillay, EP Jacobs 1232/1/05
2004 The Use of Ultraviolet Light Alone, or in Combination with Cavitational Flow and Ultrasonic Devices, to Inactivate Protozoan Cysts and Ecocysts in the Small and Large Scale treatment of Drinking Water - E van der Walt, M Grundling 12224/1/04
2004 Mocasim Workbook - JE van Zyl, HA Kretzmann 1389/1/04
2004 A Guidebook on Household Water Supply for Rural Areas with Saline Groundwater - I Goldie, RD Sanderson TT221/04
2004 The Development of Small-Scale Ultrafiltration Systems for Potable Water Production 1070/1/04
2003 WATREX Expert System for Water Treatment Plant Design: User Manual - Release 5.0 - FR Sutherland TT206/03
.. Evaluation of Powdered Activated carbon (PAC) for the Removal of Taste and Odour Causing Compounds from Water and the Relationship between this Phenomenon and the Physico-Chemical Properties of the PAC and the Role of the Water Quality - LL Linde, SD Freese, S Pieterse 1124/1/03
2003 Optimisation of an Autonomous Valveless Gravity Filter for the Cost Effective Production of Potable Water for Rural Areas - B Brouckaert, R Rajagopaul, MJ Pryor 919/1/03
2003 Development and Implementation of Gas and Liquid Chromatographic Organic Water Profiles as a Management Tool - MI Selala, S Phirwa, N Segoe, ER Rohwer, C Schoeman 831/1/03
2003 Evaluation and Optimisation of a Crossflow Microfilter for the Production of Potable Water in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas - VL Pillay, CA Buckley 662/1/03
2003 Cost Effective Solar Still Units for Drinking Water Provision in Remote, Rural Areas of South Africa: A case Study and Implementation of Guidelines - I Goldie, A Theunissen, J Bonthuys, V Cloete 1032/1/03
2002 Standardisation of the Use of Particle Counting for Potable Water Treatment in South Africa - AD Ceronio, J Harhoff, M Pryor TT166/01
2002 Inhibition of Biofilm Regrowth in Potable Water Systems - MNB Momba, S Ndaliso, MA Binda, N Makala 1023/1/02
2002 Assessment of the Limestone Mediated Sidestream Stabilisation PProcess, with Emphasis on Use Thereof by Rand Water for Stabilisation of the Lesotha Highlands Scheme Water - GS Mackintosh, CJ du Plessis, PF de Souza 1027/1/02
1999 Corrosion: Brochure for Local Authorities - JS Ramotlhola, C Ringas TT112/99
2000 A Software Tool for Designing, Modelling and Controlling Water Treatment Processes Involving Carbonate Chemistry STASOFT4
2000 Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Estrogen and Estrogen-Mimicking Substances in the Water Environment - E Meintjies, L van der Merwe, JL de Preez 742/1/00
2000 Domestic Water Meters: Influence of Various Fittings and Installation Configurations on Accuracy of 15mm Water Meters = P Cipindu, CJ Wantenaar 948/1/00
2000 The Treatment of Eutrophic Water Using Pre-and Intermediate Ozonation, Peroxone and Pica Carbon - MJ Pryor, SD Freeze 694/1/00
2000 The Occurrence, Distribution and Removal of Algal Species and Related Substances in a Full-Scale Water Purification Plant - AJH Pieterse and co-workers 567/1/00
2000 The Use of Ozonation in Combination with Lime and Activated Sodium Silicate in Water Treatment - JC Geldenhuys, E Giard, M Harmse, K Neveling, M Potgieter 446/1/00
1999 Research on the Corrosion Performance of Various Non-Metallic Piping Materials and Coatings in Potable Water Supply - JS Ramotlhla, C Ringas, R Cromarty 381/1/99
1999 Exposure of Generic Coating Systems in Raw South African Dam Waters - JS Ramotlhola, R Cromarty, C Ringas 382/2/99
1999 Development of a Standardised Approach to Evaluate Bursts and Background Losses in Water Distribution Systems in South Africa - Ronnie McKenzie TT109/99
1999 Research of the Effects of Varying Water Quality on the Corrosion of Different Pipe Materials in the PWVS/Klerksdorp Areas - C Ringas, FJ Strauss, J Gnoinski, BG Callaghan 254/1/99
1999 Microbial Corrosion of Common Piping Materials in the PWV Area - A Bondonno, C Ringas, J Ramotlhola, C Prinsloo 432/1/99
1999 Microbial Corrosion of Pipe Linings - JS Ramotlhola, C Ringas 432/2/99


Algal Toxins in Drinking Water Supplies - B Rae, RW Moollan, RC Clark 549/1/99
1999 Evaluation of Metal Water Pipe Leaks in Johannesburg Municipal Area - JS Ramotlhola, C Ringas 587/1/99
1999 Investigation into total organic halogen formation after disinfection of drinking water by chlorine KV117/99
1999 Biodegradable compounds and microbial regrowth in water 541/1/99
1999 The use of small-scale equipment for evaluating water treatment plants 363/1/99
1998 Reservoir system operation optimisation 757/1/98
1998 Development of guidelines for toxicity bioassaying of drinking and environmental waters in South Africa. Slabbert JL Oosthuizen J Venter EA Hill E Du Preez M Pretorius PJ. 358/1/98
1998 Capital cost optimisation of pumping and reservoir system design. Barta B Rowse N. 757/2/98
1998 Water supply services model: case study of King William's Town. Palmer Development Group. KV110/98
1998 Water supply services model manual. Palmer Development Group. KV109/98