WRC South Africa - Integrated Water Resource Management

Year Title Code
A Scoping Exercise to Investigate the Potential Need for, and Nature of Water Trading in South Africa - A Pott, K Versfeld, M van Rooyen, A Muir. new KV222/09
Assessment of Gender Equity in Water User Associations - N Mjoli, R Nenzhelele, E Njiro. new KV219/09
Refining Tools for Evaporation Monitoring in Support of Water Resources Management - C Jarmain, CS Everson, MJ Savage, MG Mengistu, AD Clulow, S Walker, MB Gush. new 1567/1/08
2007 A Manual for Cost Benefit Analysis in South Africa with Specific Reference to Water Resource Development. Second Edition (Updated and Revised) - D Mullins, DD Mosaka, AB Green, R Downing, PG Mapekula  TT305/07
2007 A Model for EnvironmentalRegulation of Microcystin Production by Microcystis - TG Downing  1401/1/07
2007 Environmental Factors Affecting the Persistence of Toxic Phytoplankton in the Hartbeespoort Dam - K Owuor, J Okonkwo, C van Ginkel, W Scott  1401/3/07
2007 Integrated Water resource Management Plan Guidelines for Local Authorities TT304/07
2006 Research on Berg River Water Management - Summary of Water Quality Information System and Soil Quality Studies - AHM Gȍrgens, WP de Clercq TT252/06
2006 A Study of Roman Water Law, with Specific Reference to Water Allocations and Prior Appropriation - A Burger TT279/06
2006 A Critical Review of Participatory Practice in Integrated Water Resource Management 1434/1/06
2006 Integrating Socio-Economic and Cultural values as Additional Components of the Criteria for Estimating and Managing the 'Reserve' with an Emphasis on Rural Communities - C Breen, J Jaganyi, C Tham, S Zeka 1195/1/06
2005 IL-6 as Biomarker for the Immunomodulatory Effects of Microcystins - EJ Pool 1200/1/05
2004 Testing and Development of Catchment Sustainability Indicators - RD Walmsley, JJI Walmsley, C Walmsley KV156/04
2004 Proceedings of the Joint RSA Australian Workshop on Water Resource Management 31 March - 5 April 2003  TT236/04
2004 Occurrence and Source of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Catchment Areas and Wastewater Works - IW Bailey, C Jarmey-Swan, SN Venter, M du Preez 927/1/04
2003 Impact on Invasive Alien Vegetation on Dam Yields - D Le Maitre, A Görgens KV141/03
2003 The Use of Isotope (ğ13C) Techniques to Define the Riparian Zone in Commercially Afforested Catchments - S Woodborne, I Robertson, E February 1218/1/03
2003 Operational Model of the Orange River - KA Fair 865/1/03
2002 A Manual for Cost Benefit Analysis in South Africa with Special Reference to Water resource Development TT177/02
1999 Flood Damage Functions, Models and A Computer Program for Irrigation and Urban Areas in South Africa Volume 1 - LA du Plessis, MF Viljoen, HL Weepener, C Berning 690/1/99
1999 Flood Damage Functions, Models and A Computer Program for Irrigation and Urban Areas in South Africa Volume 2 - HJ Booysen, MF Viljoen 690/2/99
1999 An Econometric and Institutional Economic Analysis of Water Use in the Crocodile River Catchment, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa - R Bates, R Tren, L Mooney 855/1/99
1999 A Comparison of the Economic Efficiency of Water Use of Plantations, Irrigated Sugarcane and Sub-Tropical Fruits - A Case Study of the Crocodile River Catchment, Mpumalanga Province - BW Olbrich, R Hassan 666/1/99
1998 Artificial recharge a technology for sustainable water resources development. Murray E C, Tredoux G 842/1/98
1998 Alien invading plants and water resources in South Africa: A preliminary assessment. Versveld DB Le Maitre DC Chapman RA. TT99/98