WRC South Africa - Membrane Technology

Year Title Code
A Feasibility Study in e Thekwini Municipality on Anaerobic Digestion for the Treatment of Toxic and High Strength Organic Wastes: A Study of the Business Case of Treating High Strength Industrial Waste - CA Buckley, CJ Brouckaert new.
Development of a Membrane Pack for Immersed Membrane Bioreactors - VL Pillay, EP Jacobs. new 1369/1/08
2008 Membrane-Related Water Research Impact Assessment - Frost & Sullivan.  TT366/08
2008 Anti Scaling Studies on High CaCO3 Waters in Spiral-Wrap Membrane Systems - I Goldie, M Aziz, AH Abozrida, RD Sanderson.  1593/1/08
2006 Application of Pinch Technology in Water Resource Management to Reduce Water Use and Wastewater Generation for an Area - KJ Strauss 1241/1/06
2006 Hydrophilization of Polysulphone Ultrafiltration Membranes by Polar Polymeric Solute Incorporation - EP Jacobs, SP roux, M Meinchen, AJ van Reenen, CE Morkel 1268/1/06
2006 A Desalination Guide for South African municipal Engineers - JA de Plessis, AJ Burger, CD Swartz, N Museev  TT266/06
2006 Development of Technology for the Selective Removal of Bioactive Pollutants by Ligands, Non-Covalently Immobilised on Membranes - EP Jacobs, P Swart, MW Bredenkamp, Z Allie, S Govender, L Liebenberg, L van Kralingen, WT Williams 1165/1/06
2004 The Evaluation and Design of Sludge Dewatering and Water Filtration Systems using Tubular Woven Fabric Technology - R Rajagopaul, VL Pillay 1172/1/04
2004 Evaluation of Nanofiltration for the Treatment of Rural Groundwater for Potable Use - DJ Modise, HM Krieg 1230/1/04
2003 Development of a Membrane Photobioreactor for the Study of Microcystin Production by Cyanobacteria - WD Leukes, J Strong, TC Downing 1103/1/03
2003 Preparation and Characterisation of Electrodes for the Electrochemical Conversion of Organic Pollutants in Water - MJ Hurndall, RD Sanderson 852/1/03
2003 Development of a Continuous Flow Membrane Reactor Catalysing the Solubilisation of Hydrophobic Pollutants by Rhamnolipid-Producing Bacteria - VS Brözel 846/1/03
2003 Cleaning and Pre-Treatment Techniques for Ultrafiltration Membranes Fouled by Pulp and Paper Effluent - P Swart, GS Domingo, EP Jacons, G Burch 1035/1/01
2003 A Preliminary Investigation into the Application of Ultrasonic Techniques to Membrane Filtration - RD Sanderson, Jianxin Li, DK Hallbauer, LJ Koen, V Ye Halbauer-Zadorozhanya, M Hurndall 930/1/03
2003 Treatment of Landfill Leachate from Hazardous and Municipal Solid Waste - JJ Schoeman, A Steyn, JL Slabbert, EA Venter 1167/1/03
2002 Electrochemical Generation of High-Concentration Ozone in Compact Integrated Membrane Systems - DG Bessarabov 1071/1/02
2002 Electro-Membrane Reactors for Desalination and Disinfection of Aqueous Solutions - VM Linkov 964/1/02
2000 Defluoridation, Denitrification and Desalination of Water Using Ion-Exchange and Reverse Osmosis Technology - JJ Schoeman, A Steyn TT124/00
2000 Water Supply to Rural and Peri-Urban Communities Using Membrane Technologies - EP jacobs, VL Pillay, M Pryor, P Swart 764/1/00
1999 Research into Polymeric and Ceramic-based Membranes for Use in Electromembrane Reactors - VM Linkov 844/1/99
1999 Defouling of ultrafiltration membranes by linkage of defouling enzymes to membranes for the purpose of low cost, low maintenance ultrafiltration of river water 791/1/99
1999 The development and implementation of biological cleaning techniques for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes fouled by organic substances 660/1/99
1998 Development of specialised cross-and transverse-flow capillary-membrane modules 618/1/98
1998 Membrane-based biotechnological systems for the treatment of organic pollutants 687/1/98
1998 Development of transverse-flow capillary-membrane modules of the modular and block types for liquid separation and bioreactors 847/1/98