WRC South Africa - Mine Water Management

Year Title Code
Reactor Design for Metal Precipitation in Mine Water Treatment - A Lewis, J Nathon, T Mokone. new 1729/1/08
2008 A Preliminary Decision Support System for the Sustainable Design, Operation and Closure of Metalliferous Mine Residue Disposal Facilities - B Rademeyer, JA Wates, N Bezuidenhout, GA Jones, E Rust, S Lorentz, P van Deventer, W Pulles, J Hattingh.  1551/1/08
2008 Determination of the Impact of Coal Mine Water Irrigation on Groundwater Resources- PD Vermeulen,BH Usher, GJ van Tonder 1507/1/08,
2007 Waste Characterisation and Water-Related Impact Predictions for Solid Mineral Wastes: A New Approach - JL Broadhurst, Y Hansen, JG Petrie 1550/1/07
2007 Investigation of Water Decant from the Underground Collieries in Mpumalanga, with Special Emphasis on Predictive Tools and Long-Term Water Quality Management - FDI Hodgson, PD Vermeulen, L-M Cruywagen, E de Necker 1263/1/07
2007 Predicting the Environmental Impact of Sustainability of Irrigation with Coal Mine Water - JG Annandale, YG Beletse, PC de Jager, NZ Jovanovic, JM Steyn, N Benadé,  SA Lorentz, FDI Hodgson, B Usher, D Vermeulen, ME Aken 1149/1/07
2006 An Evaluation of the Performance and Effectiveness of Improved Soil Cover Designs to Limit Through-Flow of Water and Ingress of Air - JA Wates, SA Lorentz, H Marais, BJM Baxter, M Theron, L Dollar 1350/1/06
2006 Stability and Neutralisation Capacity of Potential Mine Backfill Material Formed by Neutralisation of Fly Ash and Acid Mine Drainage - L Petrik, C Burgers, W Gitari, D Surender, K Reynolds, A Ellendt, O Etchebers, VR Kumar Vadapalli, D Key, E Iwuoha 1453/1/06
2006 An Assessment of Sources, Pathways, Mechanisms and Risks of Current and Potential Future Pollution of Water and Sediments in Gold-Mining Areas of the Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment - H Coetzee, F Winde, PW Wade  1214/1/06
2006 A Quantitative Evaluation of the Modal Distribution of Minerals in Coal Depositsin the Highveld Area and the Associated Impact on the Generation of Acid and Neutral Mine drainage - KL Pinetown, RH Boer  1264/1/06
2005 Implementing the Degrading Packed Bed Reactor Technology and Verifying the Longterm Performance of Passive Treatment Plants at Vryheid Coronation Colliery - SE Coetser, R Heath, JB Molwantwa, PD Rose, W Pulles 1348/1/05
2005 The Potential of Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Technology as a Remediation Tool for Contaminated Mine Groundwater: Literature reviews; Preliminary Laboratory Analysis & Assessment _ BD Johnson, PW Wade, R Daneel 1457/1/05
2004 Long-Term Impact of Intermine Flow from Collieries in the Mpumalanga Coalfields - R Grobbelaar, B Usher, L-M Cruywagen, E de Necket, FDI Hodgson 1056/1/04
2004 Water Related Impact of Small Scale Mining - R Heath, M Moffett, S Banister 1150/1/04
2004 Electrochemical Treatment for the Removal of Sulphates from Acid Mine Drainage - J Smit, HC van Zyl 940/1/04
2004 A Novel One-Step Ambient Temperature Ferrite Process for the Removal of Metals from Acid Mine Drainage - B Morgan, O Lahav, G Hearne, RE Loewenthal 1244/1/04
2003 On-Site and Laboratory Investigations of Spoil in Opencast Collieries and the Development of Acid-Base Accounting Procedures - BH Usher, L-M Cruywagen, E de Necker, FDI Hodgson 1055/1/03
2003 Acid-Base: Accounting, Techniques and Evaluation (ABATE): Recommended Methods for Conducting and Interpreting Analytical Geochemical Assessments at Opencast Collieries in South Africa - BH Usher, L-M Cruywagen, E de Necker, FDI Hodgson 1055/2/03
2003 A Decision Support System for the Controlled Release of Saline Mine Water During Flood Conditions in the Witbank Dam catchment - TJ Coleman, JN Rossouw, A Bath 900/1/03
2003 The Influence of Irrigation with Gypsiferous Mine Water on Soil Properties and Drainage Water - JG Annandale, NZ Jovanovic, AS Claassens 858/1/02
2002 Rehabilitation of Contaminated Gold Tailings Dam Footprints - RP Hattingh, J Lake, RH Boer, P Aucump, C Viljoen 1001/1/03
2003 Guidance for the Rehabilitation of Contaminated Gold Tailings Dam Footprints - RP Hattingh 1001/2/03
2000 Occurrences of Bacteria Causing Acid Mine Drainage in the Outer Layers of Coal Waste Dumps in Relation to Abiotic Ecological Determinants and Soil Covers Used for Dump Rehabilitation - MA Loos, C Cleghor, H Mödinger 454/1/00
1998 Information Transfer, Extraction and Management Systems (ITEMS) - MR Howard, M Perkins TT94/98
1998 The screening of crop, pasture and wetland species for tolerance of polluted water originating in coal mines. Barnard Ro Rethman, NFG Annandale, JG Mentz, NZ Jovanovic 582/1/98
1998 The Use of Vegetation in the Amelioration of the Impacts of Mining on Water Quality - An Assessment of Species and Water Use-DB Versfeld, CS Everson, AG Poulter 413/1/98