Agricultural Water Management

Year Title Summary
2006 The Application of Risk  Assessment Modelling in Groundwater for Humans and Livestock in Rural Communal Systems - N H Casey, J A Meyer 1175/1/06
2005 The Range, Distribution and Implementation of Irrigation Scheduling       Models and Methods in South Africa -  J B Stevens, G H Duvel, G J Steyn, W Marobane                            1137/1/05 
Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation: Factors  Affecting the Efficiency and Maintenance - R B Reinders, J S Smal, A S van Niekerk, S Bunton, B Mdaka             1189/1/05
Potential of Sustainable Irrigation in Black Developing Communities - Sineke Development (Pty) 1138/1/04
Development of Models for Economic Evaluation of the Integrated  Management of the Quantity and Quality of Irrigation Water within River Catchments - B Grove 1043/1/04
Screening of Cowpea, Bambara Groundnut and Amaranthis Germplasm for Drought Tolerance and Testing of the Selected         Plant Material in Participation with Targeted Communities - M H Spreeth, M M Slabbert, J A de Ronde, E van den Heever, A Ndou  944/1/04
2004 Electric Power Supply Measurement as an Alternative to Measure          Flow-Rates of Hydraulic Pumps - F J du Plessis                                  1190/1/04
2004 Socio-Economic Study on Water Conservation Techniques in Semi-Arid Areas - G Kundhlande, D C Groenewald, M N Balphethi, M F Viljoen, J J Botha, L D van Rensburg, J J Anderson 1267/1/04
2003 Water Conservation Techniques on Small Plots in Semi-Arid Areas to   Enhance Rainfall Use Efficiency, Food Security, and Sustainable Crop  Production - J J Botha, L D van Rensburg, J J Anderson, M Hensley, M S Machell, P P van Staden, G Kundhlande, D G Groenewald, M N Baiphethi 1176/1/03
2003 The Contribution of Root Accessible Water Tables towards the Irrigation Requirements of Crops - L Ehlers, A T P Bennie, C C du Preez 1089/1/03
2003 Predicting the Impact of  Farming Systems on Sediment Yield in the       Context of Integrated Catchment Management - A van Zyl, S Lorentz 1059/1/03 
2003 Performance of Surface Drip Irrigation Systems under Field Conditions - F H Koegelenberg, F B Reinders, A S van Niekerk, R van Niekerk, W J Uys 1036/1/02 
2003 Optimization of Irrigation Management in Mango Trees by Determination of Water and Carbon Demands to Improve Water Use      Efficiency and Fruit Quality - E W Pavel, F M G Vanassche, Y L Grossman 1136/1/03
2002 Determining the Water Use and Growth of Forest Plantations Through    GIS-Based Integration of Remote Sensing and Field Data in the 3-PG Model - P Dye, R Megown, S Jacons, D Drew, K Megown, M Dicks, S Mthembu, C Pretorius 1194/1/02 
2002 The Economic Impact of Changing Water Quality on Irrigated Agriculture in the Lower Vaal and Riet Rivers - M F Viljoen, R J Armour 947/1/02
2001 Research on a Computerised Weather-Based Irrigation Water Management System - J M de Jager, R Mottram, J A Kennedy 581/1/01
2000 Factors which Influence the Acceptability of Irrigation Scheduling with Specific Reference to Scheduling Models - C A J Botha, G J Steyn, J B Stevens 893/1/00