Catchment Hydrology

Year Title Summary
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2004 Discharge Measurements at Natual Controls in Western Cape Rivers - MM Barnard, A Rooseboom 1270/1/04
2004 Development of a Raster-Database of Annual, Monthly and Daily Rainfall for Southern Africa - SD Lynch 1156/1/04
2004 Development of a Database of Gridded Daily Temperatures for Southern Africa - RE Schulze, M Maharaj 1156/2/04
2004 Modelling as a Tool in Integrated Water Resources Management - RE Schulze 749/1/04
2004 Hydrological Systems Modelling Research Programme: Hydrological Processes - S Lorentz, S Thornton-Dibb, C Pretorius, P Goba 1061&1086/1/04
2004 Development and Evaluation of an Installed Hydrological Modelling System - RE Schulze, A Pike 1155/1/04
2002 An Analysis of Catchment Attributes and Hydrological Response Characteristics in a Range of Small Catchments 1193/1/02