Conservation of Water Ecosystems

Year Title Summary
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2004 Biomonitoring of Wastewater - J M Whitcutt, RA Emmett, R Tseki, Z Mbatha, P Humphries, E Wittekindt 1121/1/04
2004 Development of Drift, a Scenario-Based Methodology for Flow Asessments - JM King,n, BR Paxton, RJ February 1159/1/04
2004 Hydraulics for Determination of the Ecological Reserve for Rivers - AA Jordanova, AL Birkhead, CS James, CJ Kleynhans 1174/1/04
2004 The Valuation of Changes to Estuary Services in South Africa as a Result of Changes to Freshwater Inflow - SG Hosking, TH Wooldridge, G Dimopoulos, M Mlangeni, C-H Lin, M Sale, M du Preez 1304/1/04
2004 Investment Strategy for the Cross-Cutting Domain: Water and the Environment - H MacKay, P Ashton, M Neal, A Weaver KV148/04
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2003 The Application of Triploid Grass Carp as Biological Control Agent for the Over-Abundant Growth of Aquatic Weeds in Irrigation Canal Systems - BJ du Plessis, GJ Steyn 816/1/03
2003 A Decision Support System for Rehabilitation and Management of Riparian Systems - NW Quinn 1064/1/03
2003 Determining the Instream Flow Monitoring Protocol - J Newenham, MS Chavalala 1101/1/03
2003 Studies on the River-Estuary Interface Region of Selected Eastern Cape Estuaries - AK Whitfield, AD Wood 756/1/03
2003 Strategic Review of River Research - CM Brean, D Cox, C Dickens, H Mackay, M Mander, DJ Roux, A Turton, E van Wyk 1198/1/03
2003 Examining Catchments as Functional Units for the Conservation of Riverine Biota and Maintenance of Biodiversity - MJ Wishart, BR Davies, BA Stewart, JM Hughes 975/1/02
2002 Biomarker Assays for the Detection of Sub-Lethal Toxicity in Fish: Operational Manual - EA Venter, JL Slabbert, A Joubert, A Vorster, I Barnhoorn 952/2/04
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2001 Impact of Herbicides Used in Water Hyacinth Control on Natural Enemies Released Against the Weed for Biological Control 915/1/01
2000 The potential biological control agents of Cladophora glomerata that occur in irrigation schemes in South Africa - AR Wood 669/1/99