Developing Communities: Water Supply and Sanitation

Year Title Summary
2007 Development of a Methodology to Assess Knowledge Uptake by Technical Professionals and Decision-Makers for Developmental Water services - MB van Ryneveld, SL Sproule 1519/1/07
2006 Pathogen destruction in Urine-Diversion Sanitation Systems - LM Austin, MC Phasa, TE Cloete 1439/1/06
2006 Use and Acceptance of Urine-Diversion Sanitation Systems in South Africa - LC Duncker, GN Matsebe, LM Austin 1439/2/06
2006 Use of Human Excreta from Urine-Diversion Toilets in Food Gardens: Agronomic and Health Aspects 1439/3/06
2006 The Evaluation of the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor for Sanitation in Dense Peri-Urban Settlements - KM Foxon, CA Buckley,CJ Brouckaert, P Dama, Z Mtembu, N Rodda, M Smith, S Pillay, N Arju, T Lalbahadur, F Box 1248/1/06
2005 Strategic Approaches in the Provision of Sanitation Services to Informal and Unserviced Areas - A Lagardien, D Cousins 1438/1/05
2005 Development of Models to Facilitate the Provision of Free Basic Water in Rural Areas - AF Balfour, I Wilson, J de Jager, DA Still, S Louw 1379/1/05
2004 Institutional and Socio-Economic Review of the Use/Application of Electronic Prepayment Meter Technology in the Provision of Water Supply Services to Urban and Peri-Urban Areas - L Marah, M O'Donovan, K Finlayson, D Boberg  1206/1/04
2004 A Review of Public Participation in tjhe Rural Water and Sanitation Setting - S Mathabatha, D Naidoo 1381/1/04
2004 Economic Regulation of Water Services in South Africa - Palmer Development Group 1383/1/04
2004 Effective Cost Recovery in a Changing Institutional and Policy Environment: Municipal Demarcation, the "Free Basic Water" Policy, and Financially Sustainable Service Delivery - L Marah, M O'Donovan, R Martin, D Boberg 1384/1/04
2004 Sanitation Demand and Delivery in Informal Settlements - Planning and Implementation Support - A Lagardien, D Cousins 1280/1/04
2004 Lessons and Experiences from the Ethekwini Pilot Shallow Sewer Study - P Eslick, J Harrison 1146/1/04
2003 Cost and Tariff Model for Rural Water Supply Schemes - D Still, P Mwangi, P Houston 886/1/03
2003 Identifying Examples of Successful Cost Recovery Approaches in Low Income Urban and Peri-urban Areas - L Marah, RJ Martin, R Alence, D Boberg 1131/1/03
2003 Public-private Partnership in Providing Water Services to Poor Communities: Built to Fly? - Business Partners in Development 1139/1/03
2003 Towards Policy, Strategy and Detailed Procedures for the Provision of Sanitation to Low-Income Settlements in Johannesburg - MB van Ryneveld 1192/1/03
2003 Researching, Developing and Testing of Payment Strategies for the Lower Income Groups at Four Selected Communities in Order to Manage Charges for Water Use - DS van Vuuren 1202/1/03
2001 Decision Support System for the Development of Rural Water Supply Systems 837/1/01
2001 Hygiene awareness for rural water supply and sanitation projects LC Duncker 819/1/00
2001 Assignment of a Financial Cost to Pollution from from Sanitation Systems, with particular Reference to Gauteng - MB van Ryneveld, PD Marjanovic, AB Fourie, D Sakulski 631/1/01
2000 Managing Rural Water Supply in South Africa: Guidelines and Recommendations on Institutional Arrangements - J Cain, P Ravenscroft, I Palmer TT126/00
2000 The development of Effective Community Water Supply Systems Using Deep and Shallow Well Handpumps - DG Hazelton TT132/00
2000 Design, Construction, Operation and maintenance of VIP in South Africa - JW Bester, LM Austin 709/1/00