Year Title Summary
2008 Field and Laboratory Investigations to Study the Fate and Transport of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) in Groundwater - BH Usher, JA Pretorius, RA Gebrekristos, P Jagals, HN Traoré, N Robertson, C Tshitenge, V Zadoroshnays, J Groenewald, S Lenong, M Pienaar 1501/5/08
2008 Guidelines for the Acceptance of Monitored Natural Attenuation Processes in South Africa - BH Usher, JA Pretorius, RA Gebrekristos 1501/4/08
2008 Groundwater Monitoring Guidelines for DNAPLs in South African Aquifers - JA Pretorius, BH Usher, RA Gebrekristos 1501/3/08
2008 Manual for Site Assessment at DNAPL Contaminated Sites in South Africa - RA Gebrekristos, JA Pretorius, BH Usher 1501/2/08
2007 Pilot Study to Refine the Design of the National Microbial Monitoring Programme for Groundwater - K Murray, M de Preez, R Meyer 1494/1/07
2007 Experimental Measurements of Specific Storativity by the Determination of Rock Elastic Parameters - M du Preez, R Dennis, GJ van Tonder KV184/07
2005 Analysis of Groundwater Level Time Series and the Relation to Rainfall and Recharge - R Meyer 1323/1/05
2005 Deep Artesian Groundwater for Oudtshoorn Municipal Supply - Phase D - Target Generation & Borehole/Wellfield Siting using Structural Geology and Geophysical Methods - Umvoto Africa (PTY) Ltd 1254/1/05
2004 The Feasibility of In Situ Groundwater Remediation as Robust Low-Cost Water Treatment Options - G Tredoux, S Israel, LC Cavé 1325/1/04
2004 Identification and Prioritisation of Type Areas for Detailed Research in Terms of the Regional Variability of the Groundwater and Ecological Characteristics of the Table Mountain Group Aquifer Systems - M Fortuin, AC Woodford, PN Rosewarene, AB Low 1332/1/04
2004 Identification and Prioritisation of Groundwater Contaminants and Sources in South Africa's Urban Catchments. Report 1: Inorganic and Organic Contaminants and Associated Sources in South Africa's Catchments. Report 2: Guidelines for Assessing and Evaluating the Impacts of Human Activities on Groundwater Resources in Urban Catchments - BH Usher, JA Pretorius, I Dennis, N Jovanovic, S Clarke, L Cave, R Titus, Y Xu 1326/1/04
2004 Karoo Aquifers - Deformations, Hydraulic and Mechanical Properties - JF Botha, AHJ Cloot 936/1/04
2004 Hydrogeology of Fractured-Rock Aquifers and Related Ecosystems within the QoQodala Dolerite Ring and Sill Complex, Great Kei Catchment, Eastern Cape - L Chevallier, LA Gibson, LO Nhleko, AC Woodford, W Nomquphu, I Kippie 1238/1/04
2004 National Microbial Monitoring Programme for Groundwater - K Murray, M du Preez, MB Taylor, R Meyer, R Parons, E van Wyk, A Kühn, H van Niekerk, MM Ehlers 1277/1/04
2003 Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Groundwater Abstraction from Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifers on Ecosystems in the Kammanassic Nature Reserve and Environs - G Cleaver, LR Brown, CJ Bredenkamp, MC Smart, CG deW Rautenbach 1115/1/03
2003 Evaluation of Groundwater Flow Patterns in Fractured Rock Aquifers Using CFCs and Isotopes - AS Talma, JMC Weaver 1009/1/03
2003 Towards the Resource Directed Measures: Groundwater Component - Y Xu, C Colvin, GJ van Tonder, S Hughes, D le Maitre, J Zhang, T Mafanya, E Braune 1090-2/1/03
2003 Assessing Terrestrial Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems in South Africa - C Colvin, D le Maitre, S Hughes 1090-2/2/03
2003 Dealing with Tunnel Aging - GR Basson, M Visagie, JG Malan 1088/1/03
2002 Risk Based Decision Tool for Managing and Protecting Groundwater Resources - I Dennis, G van Tonder, K Riemann 969/1/02
2002 Status Groundwater Exploration in Geologically Complex and Problematic Terrain - Guidelines (Volume 1) - K Sami, I Neumann, D Gqiba, G de Kock, G Grantham 966/1/02
2002 Status Groundwater Exploration in Geologically Complex and Problematic Terrain - Case Studies (Volume 2) - K Sami, I Neumann, D Gqiba, G de Kock, G Grantham 966/2/02
2002 Manual on Pumping Test Analysis in Fractured-Rock Aquifers - G van Tonder, I Bardenhagen, K Riemann, J van Bosch, P Szanga, Y Xu 1116/1/02
2001 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Isotope Chemistry for Quantifying Acid Rock Drainage Contributions from Different Sources to Ground and Surface Water - BM Eglington, R Meyer, AS Talma 647/1/01
2001 Investigation of Groundwater Pollution Associated with Waste Disposal: Development of an Environmental Isotope Approach 311/1/01
2001 Hydrogeological and Isotopic Asseement of the Response of a Fractured Multi-Layered Aquifer to Long Term Abstraction in a Semi-Arid Environment 565/1/01