Integrated Water Resources Management

Year Title Summary
2005 Application and Conceptual Development of Genetic Algorithms for Optimization in the Water Industry - SJ van Vuuren, PG van Rooyen, JE van Zyl, M van Dijk 1388/1/05
2005 The Development of a Computerized System for Auditing Real Time or Historical Water Use from Large Reservoirs in Order to Promote the Efficiency of Water Use - A Pott, J Hallowes, S Mtshali, S Mbokazi, M van Rooyen, A Clulow, C Everson 1300/1/05
2004 An Analysis of the Social, Economic and Environmental Direct and Indirect Costs and Benefits of Water Use in Irrigated Agriculture and Forestry. A Case Study of the Crocodile River Catchment Mpumalanga Province - JG Crafford, RM Hassan, NA King, MC Damon, MP de Wit, S Bekker, BM Rapholo, BW Olbrich 1048/1/04
  Guidelines for the use of Multicriteria Decision Analysis in the Implementation of the National Water Act - A Joubert, T Stewart 1298/1/04
2004 WQ2000: Development of an Interactive Surface Water Quality Information and Evaluation System for South Africa - CE Herold, PJ le Roux 950/1/04
2004 Cyanobacterial Monitoring 1990-2000: Evaluation of SA Data - TG Downing, CE van Ginkel 1288/1/04
2003 Principles and Processes for Supporting Stakeholder Participation in Integrated River management - BW van Wilgen, CM Breen, JJ Jaganyi, KH Rogers, DJ Roux, T Sherwill, E van Wyk, F Venter 1062/1/03
2002 Development of a Methodology to Determine the Effectiveness of Water Conservation (WC) and Water Demand Management(WDM) Measures - EH Johnson, A Stephens, S Fakir 1273/1/02
2002 Cultivation of Plants in Restored Urban Wetlands for Income Generation in Local Communities - Abbott Grobicki (Pty) Ltd 1054/1/02
2001 Group Decision Support Methods to Facilitate Participative Water Resource Management - TJ Stewart, AR Joubert, D Liu 863/1/00
2001 The use of chloramination and sodium silicate to inhibit corrosion in mild steel pipes - JHB Joubert, JC Geldenhuys and JJ Celliers 779/1/00
2001 Integrated catchment management in an urban context - the Great and Little Lotus Rivers, Cape Town - A Grobicki 864/1/01