Municipal Wastewater Management

Year Title Summary
2005 Impacts of Stormwater and Groundwater Ingress on Municipal Sanitation Services - D Stephenson, B Barta 1386/1/05
2005 An Evaluation of Dedicated Land Disposal Practices for Sewage Sludge - JE Herselman, PW Wade, CE Steyn, HG Snyman 1209/1/05
2004 A Metal Content Survey of South African Sewage Sludge and an Evaluation of Analytical Methods for their Determination in Sludge - HG Snyman, JE Herselman, G Kasselman 1283/1/04
2004 A Technical and Financial Review of Sewage Sludge Treatment Technologies - CJ Marz, WV Alexander, WG Johannes, S Steinbach-Stein 1240/1/04
2004 The Mechanisms and Kinetics of Biological Treatment of Metal-Containing Effluent GS Hansford 1080/1/04

Modelling of Rectangular Sedimentation Tanks - TN Lemmer, CGdK du Toit 998/1/04
2001 A Guide for the Design of Chloramine Disinfection Facilities for Purified Sewage Effluent - WA pretorius, PC Pretorius 739/1/01
2001 Active Biomass Fraction of MLSS and its Role in Biological Phosphorus Removal 934/1/01
2000 Investigation of the Microbial Contribution to Nutrient Removal in an Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Process 822/1/00