Mine Water Management

Year Title Summary
2005 Dehydroxylation - Crystallization (Aging) and Oxidation Rate in the One-Step Ambient Temperature Ferrite Process: Removal of Non-Ferrous Metals from Acid Mine Drainage - B Morgan, O Lahav, G Hearne, RE Loewenthal 1454/1/05
2005 An Investigation into the Depth and Rate of Weathering on Gold Tailings Dam Surfaces as Key Information for Long-Term AMD Risk Assessment - N Bezuidenhout, PDS Rousseau 1347/1/05
2005 The Development of Appropriate Procedures Towards and After Closure of Underground Gold Mines from a Water Management Perspective - W Pulles, S Banister, M van Biljon 1215/1/05
2004 Neutralization of Acid Mine Water and Sludge Disposal - JP Maree, WF Strydom, CJL Adlem, M de Beer, GJ van Tonder, BJ van Kijk 1057/1/04
2004 The Effect of the Chemical Properties of Tailings and Water Application on the Establishment of a Vegetative Cover on Gold Tailings dams - JM Hattingh, PW van Deventer  899/1/04
2004 The Evaluation of Soil Covers used in the Rehabilitation of Coal Mines - JJG Vermaak, JA Wates, N Bezuidenhout, D Kgwale 1002/1/04
2001 An Internet Service Centre on Water Modelling Systems for the Mining Industry - MR Howard, JJ Heymans 901/1/00
2001 Pilot Scale Development of Integrated Passive Water Treatment Systems for Mine Effluent Streams - W Pulles, A van Niekerk, A Wood, A Batchelor, S Dill, P du Plessis, D Howie, T Casey 700/1/01
2001 Prediction Techniques and Preventative Measures Relating to the Post-Operational Impact of Underground Mines on the Quality and Quantity of Groundwater Resources 699/1/01
2001 The suitability and Impact of Power Station Fly Ash for Water Quality Control in Coal Opencast Mine Rehabilitation 745/1/01
2000 An economic and technical evaluation of regional treatment options for point source gold mine effluents entering the Vaal Barrage Catchment - R Pilson, HL van rensburg, CJ Williams 800/1/00