Water Quality Management

Year Title Summary
2004 Cost Effective Methods of Monitoring Pesticide Pollution in Water Systems - L London, MA Dalvie, E Cairncross, A Solomons, H Adams 1120/1/04
2004 Health Risk Assessment in Connection with the use of Microbiologically Contaminated Waters for Irrigation - JM Barnes, MB Taylor 1226/1/04
2003 The Impact of Introducing Treated Water on Aspects of Community Health in a Rural Community in Kwazulu-Natal - IW Bailey 925/1/03
2003 Molecular Characterisation of F-RNA Coliphages in South African water sources - WOK Grabow, M Uys, CG Clay 928/1/03
2003 Occurrence in Water Sources of E. coli 0157:H7 and other Pathogenic E. coli Strains - WOK Grabow, EE Müller, MM Ehlers, CME de Wet, M Uys, CG Clay 1068/1/03
2001 Detection methods for Legionella in cooling water systems 827/1/01
2001 The DISA Hydrosalinity Model 369/1/01
2001 Quality of domestic water supplies Volume 3: Analysis Guide TT129/00
2000 The Application and Efficiency of "Mixed Oxidants" for the Treatment of Drinking Water 832/1/00
2000 The economic cost effects of salinity - integrated report - Volume 1 - Urban-Econ TT123/00