Water Policy

Year Title Summary
2004 Effective Local Management of Water Resources with Reference to the Middle Orange River - MF Viljoen, NJ Dudley, EFY Gakpo, JM Mahlaha 1134/1/04
2004 Payment Strategies and Price Elasticity of Demand for Water for Different Income Groups in Three Selected Urban Areas - DS van Vuuren, HJD van Zyl, GA Veck, MR Bill 1296/1/04
2004 The Facilitation of Trade in Water Use Entitlements by the National Water Act in South Africa - Conningarth Economists 1297/1/04
2003 The Gender Dimension of the Water Policy and its Impact on Water and Sanitation Provision in the Eastern Cape: The Case of the Peddie District - PB Monyai 1021/1/02
2000 Estimation of the Residential Price Elasticity of Demand for Water by means of a Contingent Valuation Approach - GA Veck, MR Bill 790/1/00
2000 Guidelines for Setting Water Tariffs - Palmer Development Group 992/1/00