Miscellaneous Sources

  1. Using Water Well? - Studies of Power Stations and the Aquatic Environment-ISBN 09517171726X
  2. Encyclopedia of Hydrology
  3. Hydrometry: Principles and Practices - Second Edition
  4. Urban Rivers Our Inheritance and Future
  5. Vanishing Waters, Bryan Davies & Jenny Day, UCT Press
  6. Sustainable Development - A Contested Paradigm, D Woods (Chairman FWR)

  7. Environment Agency

    Water Demand Management Bulletin

  8. IWA Publishing

    Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services The Essential Elements. MJ Rouse, ISBN 1843391341
    The book gives a review of the key elements of policy governance and regulation for sustainable water services based on experience from around the world. On policy matters, it covers important aspects of separation of policy and delivery, integrated planning, sustainable cost recovery, and transparency. Regulation and Regulatory Bodies are presented in their various forms, with discussion of why some form of independent scrutiny is essential for suatainability. There is a separate chapter on Drinking Water Quality Regulation including setting standards and discussion on how to incorporate managing risk in regulatory approaches.

  9. Water UK

    Water Industry Specifications. These WISs are authoritative documents used for the specification of pipeline products This page provides a complete list of current WISs and IGNs (see below), an archive of some recently drawn specifications and some WISs available as free Acrobat pdf downloads.

    Information and Guidance Notes. IGNs are explanatory documents on pipeline products used in the water industry. Some are available as free Acrobat pdf downloads.

  10. CIRIA

    Coastal and estuarine managed realignment - design issues (C628)
    Development and flood risk - guidance to the construction industry (C624)

  11. SORP

    Sustainable Organic Resources Partnership - an independent open forum that welcomes everybody with an interest in the sustainable use of organic resources. More Info. (653k PDF document)

  12. Fisheries and the Commonwealth Communities

    The Commonwealth Foundation, in partnership with the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC) and the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit (CPSU), has launched a new project on Marine Fisheries Management and Coastal Zone Communities.